Target is a VERY, VERY spiteful company. If you purchase online and pay through paypal and you make a return, be advised that they WILL NOT credit back to your paypal account even if they verbally tell you they will.

Instead, you will get a credit voucher. I plan to NEVER shop at a Target store again and I am pretty good at boycotting stores who abuse there customer's.

Please join me by boycotting Target! Another thing that ticks me off with Target and most other companies is that they route customer service calls out of the USA to the Philippines.

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Having never worked at Target myself, I can only speculate that maybe they cannot credit a paypal account, only debit. I have heard of other businesses having the same policy when it comes to paypal accounts, so there probably is a reason.

"I am pretty good at boycotting stores who abuse there customer's"

So what stores do you shop at? Any store you shop at I guarantee there are complaints about them "abusing their customers".


Oh yeah - one last tactic they use - someone will post as you trying to discredit whatever you posted. Since you posted as anonymous, it's very hard on them to pull this ruse, but they still might try.

Get ready, get ready ....


By the way, soon you will be criticized by the "attack dogs" of pissedconsumer.com. They will say you (1) are s tupid, (2) not an adult and will name some age usually 5-10 who needs parents to shop, (3) an embittered ex-employee, (4) ignorant, (5) a race, usually black, (6) a whiner and/or big baby, (7) a fu..ker, a bi..h, or something of that family, (8) law breaker and on and on. Get ready, 'cause they're on their way......


I began using a new bank but still paying all my bills online through the bank's bill pay system. When I was at big bank, everything paid on time.

At new bank, everything paid late. So, my last Target bill.. WHERE I PAID OFF ENTIRE BALANCE showed a late fee and interest on THE AMOUNT I JUST PAID OFF. I called.

The late fee was $25 and the finance charges $5+. I told them what happened and asked that it be removed. All the other companies removed the fee. They said they would remove $12.

I went off. Seriously??? I just paid off the balance. So after dealing with this guy, I asked for a supervior.

He put me on hold. Came back and said they would remove all the fees.

Darn right you will! They are nasty!


I totally agree with you. I hate Target's practices.

Their employees are the most uncaring, nasty, smartmouthed employees I have ever encountered while shopping. Their corporate offices are the same caliber. They are cold and uncaring about their customers' concerns and complaints. They have absolutely no customer satisfaction goals.

While a human being can't say never, I certainly can say that I hope to never have to darken their doors again. I have been on a mission to have everyone I know and encounter boycott their stores. I relate my experiences about Target engaging in bait and switch with my purchase and ridiculing me for bringing it to their attention for an exchange. It absolutely is the worst shopping experience I have ever had in all my years of shopping.

Thank you for your posting, thank you for sharing your experiences and thank you for your boycott of their businesses.

I tell everyone here to beware of them. Once they get your money, it's theirs - ever if you have a problem and inferior products - you will never see that money again.

(Actually, I count you as a little fortunate that you were able to get a credit voucher from them. Most people get the shaft).

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