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After trying and deciding that the home theatre sound bar and woofer was not function like we thought it should we took item back to store packaged like we bought it. When getting to the store they ripped it apart and told us the they would not give up our money back...$286.11.

Because the serial number on the items in the box was not the same as the one on the box. Even with the bill of sale...we were told they couldn't take it back. We bought it like that so isn't that fraud? I spent hours on the phone with Target refund auth.

and was told to go back to the store...and tell them to call them. So when I get to the store....I tell the associate what I was told...."Oh you want me to call on your behalf?" What? So after all is said and done.....we walked out with our refund... Should it be this hard?

We are not criminals, we are senior citizens and were treated like criminals trying to pull a swift one on them in all actuality they pulled one on us so beware when buying electronics or don't buy them at all from TArgey.

If you do I would advise opening it in the store and checking first. So not shopping at Target anymore.

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In reviewing previous posts, it seems that among many of her postings, Tasha has been actively involved with over twenty five retailers. Her contributions include: Magic Jack, Rite Aid, Ace Cash Express, Lowes, Wendy's, Walmart, Domino's Pizza, Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses, Big Lots, McDonald's, Taco Bell, Kaplan University, Walgreens, Sonic, KMart, J.C.Penney's, Target, Page Plus Cingular, Macy's, L A Fitness, Sam's Club, Publix, Central Transport, Winn Dixie, Smart Style, Safeway Insurance, Gold's Gym and PetLand.

I haven't had time to check out other sites to see if she has been busy in other places, but it defies logic that a 13 or 14 year old child would have the time to invest replying to so many sites. Either Tasha isn't a child at all so she is a liar. Further, why would anyone reply to so many sites if not to artifically keep interest in There is something very suspicious here.

Apparently, some of the other "usuals" have changed their names so as not to get busted like Tanya has. Nevertheless, this site needs investigating.


SCAM? Excatly who is prepetrating the scam here?

Tasha claims to be a 13 or 14 year old child, depending on which site you find her name. The scam is being performed against us, the people who originally post to This site needs to be investigated.

There is no way a child can address all of the sites that she claims and only be 13 or 14 years old. If Target or Walmart isn't participating in slander, then Tasha certainly is.


I personally do not like Target but I will write this.

Target I think is doing the right thing, just because you're a senior citizen doesn't make you immune to the law. I have worked and know many who still work in store security and there is a worthy percentage of "senior citizen" theft.

From my understanding 99% of Target stores don't double check serial numbers unless you've been flagged as already being a criminal. Most of the employees don't care enough to check.

Also I personally know that all of those items are held under some sort of lock-and-key so there is no actual way of someone mischievously switching out serial numbers. Maybe since you are old you used a check, that would be an entirely different situation since checks take days, not seconds, to process. From experience don't buy ANYTHING that you might return with a check, retailers are protecting themselves from an outdated payment form that allows for a large margin of exploitation.

I will address the Anon commenter above as well. If you're so much of an a$$hole to open up every single box before you open it why not just stay at home. People work very hard to make the store clean. "it is better their problem than yours," its things like this that in fact *** me off. A greater-than-thou attitude saying that "it's ok to destroy all these boxes, these *** will clean it up." These people work sh*t hour for even sh*ttier pay and you just add fuel to the fire. When you open a box you destroy its integrity, many retailers are forced to destroy the item. No one wants to buy something that your dumba$$ has opened up and fiddled with.

Returning things at Target along with many other retailers has always been easy for me. I bring my receipt and the card I charged it on and am on my way, simple. If you encounter a hiccup it's because of you.


I had an extremely similar experience at Target. What I've learned is this - if you do shop there, sit down in the middle of the aisle, open every box of product you are interested in, look at serial numbers, manufacturers, quality of the product, make sure each product in the box is the same, check out each one on the shelf, and then take the box you carefully select and take your chances from there.

Once you leave the store, you are out of luck trying to return it for any reason.

If it causes a problem for the stockers, it is better their problem than yours. They might get a little upset with you for opening all the boxes, but better them a little aggraviated than you purchasing a product that can't be returned.

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