I bought Sonicare Toothbrush as a gift at Target Store in Palatine IL on 4/9/2012. Gift recipient in Japan noticed discoloration on handle and it gave dirty appearance. She returned it to me to take it back to store. When store manager asked me for reason for return, I told him it is dirty. He examined the product and told me the product does not match pic on box which I did not know. Then he told me that he is not taking it back because it is dirty (the reason of return to begin with), it is over 2 months old (should not matter when I have receipt) and the product does not match with pic on the box. He was rude and accusing me for false action by me.

I had to talk to 4 people when I called Target Customer Relation. Each transfer took so long also. Then Jim who claim he has no manager above him was also rude. He was practically accusing me of using and switching the product and returning it. I was so upset.

I have been shopping Target for long time but now I will go to Walmart instead and tell my friends to do the same.

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Jedi Knight Ethan that was just rude you should appologize for you rudness


you tried to return a 2 month old dirty toothbrush? alright then..

and I just love how some people think that they are allowed to control where their family and friends shop. "hey Frank, it's Tom. I know you recently had car trouble and you're taking care of your mom now. you take the bus or a taxi to work and you're trying to save up for a used car.

I also know that you have a short walk to Target to get your mom's prescriptions and to buy food, so you save money instead of taking a bus or taxi.

but Target wouldn't return my dirty toothbrush so I'm going to need you to go out of your way and go to Walmart. thanks."


Sounds to me like the product was used and you are trying to force them to take it back. How many times do we have to tell you reviews telling you "no" the can't do something is not the same as being rude.

You did use and switch the product, how else would it not match the picture. Something very fishy is going on.

Also you would have the same problem at Walmart if you tried to pull this scam. Also what are you going to do to your friends if they continue to shop at Target, beat them up?

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