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Wednesday March 4th 2008 I saw on they had the V-Rocker Extreme DPCI: 249-11-0060 as a temporary price cut as $19.99 and it clearly states "This item is available online and in stores."

I went to Target in Bayshore NY. I had asked about the V-Rocker Extreme DPCI: 249-11-0060 ...The said they had 4 and verified it was infact 19.99. When they went to look they said it was out of stock and proceeded to give me a listing of the other Target stores on Long island in New York.

I then went in the car and called the Farmingdale NY Target and they gave me the same information only it was to late to go there at that point to pick it up but they told me to go back in the store and ask them to check in the back as they have 4 of them.

I went back in asked customer service to check in the back for me and the lady laughed in my face and said they are unloading the truck that there was noone to look for me... There were over 30 people on staff that night and to top it she was ringing out another associate which was on the clock at that moment (which is not supposed to be done while they are on company time). She then ignored me so I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor came and contacted someone in the back.... The person in the back said "this had better be good and important" with a very big attitude.

After the supervisor gave the DPCI number with out a blink of an eye the person on the other end said they were out of stock. The next day I went to Farmingdale store, they confirmed it was 19.99 but they are not in stock and sent me to Westbury, SAME THING, Westbury sent me to Commack, Commack sent me to the Medford store...

I thought my journey was over since they had them in stock... got up to the register and they rung them up only now the price was $59.99.... guest services called Bayshore and they said that $59.99 was the price! I get home and call customer service ad they tell me and Target stores are seperate entities and not all prices online are the same in the stores.... THEN WHY DOES THE SITE SAY AVAILABLE ONLINE AND IN STORES? Pretty much they can do nothing, so why do they have a customer service line I wonder? I will never step foot in a target store ever again, nor will I accept presents from anyone that are purchased in the store or online... this experience has cured me of ever dealing with them again!

Target,, V-Rocker Extreme Catalog # : 10626813 ASIN: B000RZLMR8 DPCI: 249-11-0060, false advertising.

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i have been to many target stores and every time they *** me off cuz they all act dump and like they need to take the corn cobs out of their ***


When dealing with online stores, it is best to print the article for proof of advertisement. This way when you get to a store and they deny that the sale price is valid you can whip out the page that you printed.

By the way when you print from the web site it give the date, time, and IP location that you printed from.

This way there can be no confusion. And as someone else stated, call first and ask if they will hold the item for you, even if you need to give them a credit card for collateral.


i have a relative that works for target, you think their bad to customers, there even worse to their employees!!do you know that target is not an american store, they are from france!!!hello? need i say more!!!



I don't feel for you at all.

Get a life.

Target is a good store...somewhat pricon things...

Get over it..


Then why continue trying to buy the big deal........there are

plenty of stores to shop from.

You made this a big deal...which is not.

where can you get a good chair for $19.99 ??

Come on..get a life.......


Truth is upper management's job is to make their employees look like idiots just to please the customers. So, if sometimes we have a bad attitude toward you the customer, why don't you do our job for a day especially during any type of holiday or occasion.


First of all, not ALL merchandise 'online' is also sold in the stores even if it says it's available. You should have called and verified the price and that it was in-stock.

It's prett much common sense, why waste your time searching all over town? Look I have worked for Wal-Mart for six years now and yes we are supposed to kiss the customers' a**.

It pretty much doesn't matter what they want the manager above you will override your decision. Upper management is so scared of getting a call or letter from home office that they will do whatever it takes to please the customer no matter how ridiculous the situation is.


To the author: Good for you.

To the defenders: You're part of the problem. Apologizing for these companies is the reason they feel they can treat consumers anyway they want.

Just because something "happens everywhere" doesn't make it right. The difference between online and store pricing is the company's right, but if it is not clearly stated, and if you're outright told it is the same, that's a problem.


Have you tried asking them to put the item on hold for you before driving in? There are only a few select items they won't do it for, especially during the holidays.

Great way to be sure the item will be there for you with your name on it. All you have to do it go up to the customer service desk and ask them to bring it up for you.


I find every store has given me grief at one time or another. I hate every grocery store in my area.

No matter where I shop I have to be a price detective as I am frequently over charged. Target is the closest to me so I am there almost every day. I've been lucky. I take something back about once a month with no scrutiny.

I became disabled and couldn't pay off my card. They were the only store that tried to take me to court. After I wrote a sincere letter, the suit was dropped. I certainly understand your passion and give you credit for your conviction.

I want to go all the way with many organizations but frankly don't have the stamina to play it out.

Good for you. Passion is a good thing to have.


From the sound of it your experience sucked. What they did in the stores was completely rude but most stores have a different price online.

I go to walmarts online store because some of their expensive items are alot cheaper and you can get free shipping if you have it sent to the store. Its their way of getting more purchases from the online shoppers and the people shopping around for prices.


I'm not bagging on you, I just think that you shouldn't put so much effort towards your family and friends not buying from target because you had a crappy experience. Things like this happen everywhere, and if I let every bad thing that ever happened to me at a store keep me and everyone I knew from going there, then the only place to go would probably be the 99Cent Store.

The only reason that I'm saying this is because I currently work in a 5-star resort where I have to kiss the butt of every person I come into contact with; and have worked in numerous dive-bars where the customer is most likely WRONG and ***.

Just remember that it's just Target. If you want to boycott something and actually make a difference, stop buying blood diamonds,plastic water bottles, and Nike.

Then... you might just make a difference.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #63804

it seems to me you have a really big chip on your shoulder. im smart enough to know that prices online and in the store are often different.

by the time you add sales tax and shipping its the same price as in the store. i would rather shop Target than any other store

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #63207

also by the way... this is the only store in which I absolutely detest or have had a problem with... and most of the people i know have had similar problems so we refuse to spend our money there

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #63206

I did not have an additude with the employees... they automatically gave me the additude and were ignoring me....and I did speak with the manager at all of the stores...I am just proud to say none of my family or friends no longer shop there and do the same thing I do when there is a party... we take the target symbol with one of those red circles with the slash through and state underneath it that we are taget free and would appreciate it if guests would refrain from puchasing any giftds from target


p.s.- regardless to say, i'd be mad too, especially after leaving the FIRST Target. So, i'm sure that your frustrations were taken out on the employees of the other Target stores, and that is why you got the treatment that you did.

If you wanted to let out your frustrations and have your needs met,I would have gone directly to the manager after the second store, THEY are paid to kiss the customer's ***,not the peons in the checkout line. :)


Hahaha, this has got to be the funniest thing i've ever read! First of all, they are target employees, not employees of 5-star resorts.

I can TOTALLY understand your frustration.

But, I do know that if you approach someone in a rude demeanor, you are asking for them to treat you horribly. Regardless if you are the customer or not.

Unfortunately, stores such as target and other retailers do not pay their employees enough to kiss their a**, especially when they feel they are "entitled" to it. So come on, be real, you are letting them win by letting it run your life (I mean seriously, you put "target-free" on invitations and cards?

Let it go my dear, life's too short to be mad.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #51671

K I know for some people it is hard to read but if you read thoroughly you would understand at the time this complaint was made.... it only said item available on line and in stores and the only other place on the site that it read prices would vary was in the terms and policy section in fine print like 100 pages in! lol

and it is not about the price so much as it is about the fact that they used one price to lore a person in! and I have heard from alot of people they had done that in the past!

I am sorry for those of my fellow complaint supporters of Target who have had unfortunate experiences with target as I have!

Once again for an update! my daughters b-day15 people ...TARGET FREE... christmas for 25 people at my house....

TARGET FREE.....friends baby shower...75 people....TARGET FREE....... moms b-day....7 people....TARGET 30th bday for 44 people.....TARGET FREE......MOVING TO VEGAS AND EVERYTHING WE BREATH WILL BE guessed it!.....TARGET FREE....TARGET FREE.....TARGET FREE

Masterton, Wellington, New Zealand #51665

For the most part I have only 4 gripes with target

1) telling you they have it in stock then when you get to store oooops we dont have it, they did call when it came in though which surprised me.

2) the practice of only allowing you to use return credit in the same dept it was originally purchased from. *** money is money.

3) trying to tell you that you can not return something because you have returned 5 items already this year, sorry not my problem it is not posted anywhere, so store manager had to allow return, I also explained 5 items is quite a small number, what if you get like 10 gifts you dont like for your b-day *** a in store credit guarantees them a sale

4) Iam 6ft 4 and 265 what the heck they do not carry larger sizes anymore, hey we are not all skinny *** ***


This is the funniest complaint and all the comments are funny too. I can tell that most people who have posted has never worked in retail.

I love Target, just don't expect customer service. You know if you boycott every place you have a problem with an employee once you will never go anywhere. Target, Walmart, Kmart all have crappy employees that don't care. I thought Target is one of the better ones.

At least you can FIND an employee there. You just have to know what to do to get what you want.

I've worked in retail, I know how things work. :grin boycott ha ha ha They don't care (although they'll say they do) they have plenty of customers.

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