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I think that all Target stores should open up a dining room area where patrons can order freshly cooked hot meals. They could start out by offering up delicious BLT sandwiches, in honor of all of the wonderful members of the BLT community.

The BLT is one of my favorite sandwiches of all-time and Target could probably bring in alot of business to it's stores with all of the customers coming in for a delicious BLT sandwich and then shopping in the store when they are through with their meal. They should make sure to have the Best Darn BLT Sandwich that you can get anywhere. They should also sell Elvis Presley style Peanut Butter and Banana with Bacon Sandwiches as well.

They would do alot of business and gain alot of customers. Maybe they could even win back all of the ex-customers who stopped shopping there due to the bathroom policy, because they would hear about the wonderful new sandwiches and wouldn't be able to help themselves and would have to go back to Target to get them and would decide that they would start shopping there again.

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I'll have whatever he's smoking.

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