Target in East Greenbush recently sold my mother an IPad that she can not use. She requested a Verizon version and was given an AT&T (and told it was Verizon) .

She tried to return the product but was told that their "tech" guy that wasn't there would be able to fix it for her. When she came back they told her to look at the fine print. It was past the date and they wouldn't help her. I have tried to go into a store in MA and spent 30 min on the phone with corp.

They told us "sorry" there's nothing we can do. They lied and now refuse to take responsibility. Where are their morals. My mother is from an older generation and was taken advantage.

Instead of taking responsibility for their employees misconceptions they hide behind their policies counting up all the money they have, in my eyes, stolen from trusting patrons. They should be ashamed.

Monetary Loss: $884.

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Sounds like her fault to me...


Yes that sounds frustrating, but why can't she just use AT&T?

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