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I made a purchance on target and they asked me for my address so I gave it to them and noticed right after I had submitted my purchanse that it shipped to my old address( because it defaulted to that even though I submitted my my address), so I immediately call targets call support and they told me that there was nothing to do until it was shipped and to call back then, which I find ridiculous! I asked if it would be in an issue and told me no.

I called back when shipped and they informed me that they were unable to help me for some reason or other and to call my local postal office. I asked them to do it because it was there fault and not mine, they said there policy prevented them from being able to do that. What type of service is that?

You definitely lost a frequent shopper. Thanks for nothing target.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Why should Target go out of their way to correct a mistake that YOU made? Had you simply deleted your incorrect address from your profile to begin with, the order would not have shipped to the wrong place.

Target did not enter the shipping address into the system... YOU did.

YOU also failed to confirm that the shipping information and order details were correct prior to submitting your order. Maybe next time you will be more careful.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1314957

Unless you like sharing a restroom with some strange man or woman, it is unwise to shop at Target in the first place. There are much better retail stores with websites out there to order from.

to rollo2016 #1315736

I have to agree with you about that topic. As someone else stated on one of my replies about the same topic, if you think that you are female when you clearly have a schlong, you have bigger issues than what happened to you at Target.

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