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Last week, I purchased 7 items from and chose standard shipping. Well, Target split my orders into two deliveries.

The first delivery, which contains 5 items, were shipped out on 3/26/12 and will actually arrive tomorrow on 3/29/12. The other two items have not even shipped yet, it only says that a shipping label has been created. I never received an email stating my items were on backorder, or delayed so I am confused as to why I made the order on the same day, yet some of the items have not been delivered. I have called their customer service number many times, and they say that all of the items have been shipped.

I explained that it is not true because UPS cannot track the item unless picked up by the carrier. Target kept saying that all items have been picked up and delivered. I then spoke to someone else, and was told that the other items have not been delivered and will not be for another week or so.

I needed those items for a birthday gift this week. I will never use for purchase again.

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