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Target sent the wrong slipcovers. Am waiting 2 days for the return receipt - none in the packaging or no packing slip in wrong order. After the 3rd phone call, I'm told I'll have to wait until Sunday for the return receipt after I was told 1-2 hours on Thursday, Nov. 17. I wanted to return the wrong slipcovers over the weekend. I WORK just like other people!!

This is Target's mistake so why should I have to wait until they receive the wrong order before they mail out the correct order!!! Makes no sense at all. I shouldn't be punished for someone else's error. I have orderer these slipcovers 3 times and it will be the last time. I will spend my $300 elsewhere.

Nancy Diana

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Are you daft??? $300 for slipcovers!!

Ok, forgetting about your mental challenges and addressing the problem: Target is now sliding on a vertiginous descent into customer service ineptitude. Too many complaints about them to justify ordering anything from Target.

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