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I bought a I Love Lucy DVD for my wife for Christmas. Ordered it in early December to ensure it would arrive before Christmas.

The package arrived on Dec 18th but was a blue ray DVD of Ice Age....? I called customer service and they said (to exchange the item) I'd have to wait for them to send me a shipping label, then I'd have to take it to a UPS store to ship it (this will probably take 2 or more weeks)

). Then they would refund my account online (which will take another 2 weeks at least). Then I could use my credited account up buy the correct item again.

This would probably take another 1-2 weeks to finally arrive. So in other words, an order that should have only took 5-7 business days to arrive has now turned into a 5-7 week ordeal.

A great solution would be to allow an in store return, however since my recipt doesn't match the item, they can't. I will never order anything from again. The point of online shopping is convenience and avoiding hastle.

However, after looking into this issue, it appears that this is a very common problem with Target. I will stick with amazon and ebay from now on.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Good plan. You are one of the wise ones who doesn't expect Target to change its MO.

You are infinitely better off shopping at Amazon or Ebay. Their repeat business depends on customer satisfaction, and they do what they can to get you to repeat busiiness with them.

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