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Order uncensored Lady GaGa CD Target shipped censored CD. I was gold they would send me a shipping label for return, then would ship correct item.

Now they say the person who told me that lied and I have to pay to send the CD back and pay extra for the uncensored version, even though, I ordered and paid for the uncensored version to begin with because the price has gone up. It will cost as much to ship it back as I paid for the CD and it was their mistake anyway. I feel this is a rip-off and poor customer service.

I will never order from Target again and I am telling all of my friends and family not to order from them either. I am also posting on-line everywhere I can to inform others of Target's bait and switch techniques.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #759048

The store will take it back. You can then order from Amazon cheaper. What's the problem?

to Loopy Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #759273

The problem dummy is that I have to pay for their mistake, go back to kindergarten and learn how to read.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #757964

I did not post the entry using profanity. I have a large enough grasp of the American English Language to express my opinion without resorting to profanity.

T appreciate the individuals taking my side, but please do not post under my name.

You however seem to be so wrapped-up in polite speech, that you have entirely missed my point. That being, Target took my money, did not send me what I order, is trying to force me to pay for the return shipping, their employees lied, and Target is attempting to charge more than the posted price.

to ladykagura #758651

Actually you did, we as moderators have a way of checking if the post was made by the original poster or if it was made by someone else, and according to our records the post containing profanity has the same IP address as the original poster.

Please respect our poster when replying to a review. We do not tolerate verbal abuse and harassment.

to ***ed***sumer admin Rehoboth, Massachusetts, United States #758653

Ha looks like the OP got busted. Perhaps he/she is a child.

A child makes up excuses and lies when they do something wrong.(I never posted that, someone is using my username. They don't know that there are ways to find out if this is true or not.

Like there was a case of bullying on facebook which lead a 12 year old girl to claim she committed Suicide. The 14 year old bully's mother claimed their daughter was "hacked" but when the police checked things out they found this to be untrue.

Ealing, England, United Kingdom #757844

After reading your reply to Gerald, (who was BTW siding with you) perhaps it is a good thing that they sent you the censored version. You are already accustomed to swearing, and listening to uncensored music obviously encourages you to think it is okay to swear at people. Perhaps Target made a good decision.

to Anonymous Rehoboth, Massachusetts, United States #758655

Maybe she did not notice that she was swearing because as you claimed she is too accustomed to swearing that she does not notice when she does swear. It is an everyday thing for her.

Or maybe she did not know that they are ways for people to find out if the post was made by the same person or another person. Or perhaps a combination of both?

to lol Sooke, British Columbia, Canada #758656

How could she not notice, she has to purposely disguise her words with $$$ and ***'s She is obviously lying.

Bojong, Jawa Barat, Indonesia #757454

"I will never order from Target again and I am telling all of my friends and family not to order from them either.I am also posting on-line everywhere I can to inform others of Target's bait and switch techniques."

You must be a child to assume that because you are posting this and telling everyone about your experience that they won't do business with Target. Perhaps that is why they sent you the censored CD, they were afraid your parents would complain about the language you are listening to.

to Anonymous Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #757487

I assure you I am not a child, nor do I think everyone will refrain from shopping at Target because I made this post. My goal is to inform the general public as to Target's unethical and unfair customer services and return practices.Furthermore, who appointed you my music censor.

to ladykagura #757686

Target has some pretty shady practices and this is just one more of them. I gave up shopping there a long time ago.

to Gerald Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #757842

Well then smartA$$ Target should stop their shady practices. Should the F**k they not.

I expected mature replies from people but all I get are replies from F**king retards who think they can censor my appointed music.

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