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I ordered a Star Wars lego set for my son for Christmas. They sent me a black and white blanket with a flower design instead.

I called to have the correct item shipped. I was told they can not correct the order. I would have to order the lego set again. They also told me they could not refund my money until they had recieved and processes the return blanket.

About one to two weeks to process the return, then they would start the refund process. I asked if I could return it to the store, or have the store ship the unwanted blanket back. I was told they could not do that as they item would not match my receipt. It does not match because of a mistake they made.

Now my son will not have his big "Santa" gift as I can not afford to buy it again until they refund my money. I am pissed.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I'm sure there is a cold, homeless child somewhere who would LOVE that blanket. Your kid will survive, whether he gets the legos or not!


Don't tell him he was a bad boy! Thats terrible.

If you still want him to believe in fake idols, make a fake letter and saying it's Santa and he is sorry or go ahead and fess up the real issue.

Be creative or something Lol jesus! Bad boy?


Aren't the Star Wars Lego Set and a black&white blanket the same thing? Sorry.

Seriously I know of what you speak. Several years ago I ordered an electric shaver from Target.com. They sent me a pair of child-size Gold Sandals! It's like WTF?

How does one not see the difference?

I have no idea who Target hires to pull/ship their orders but apparently it's been an ongoing thing for many, many years. I will say, however, they did make my order correct with very little effort on my part but obviously that's changed.


Give the child something else for Christmas. The first time I actually got a present for Christmas was when I was in 9th grade. Kids survive as long as you love him.

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