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The Serramonte, Daly City managers continue to lie and say that the return policy was on the outside of the box. I have a photo of the outside of the box, with no such policy on it.

Target Corp. customer service made one call to the manager, who lied, and they believed him...

so they won\'t help me at all. Still fighting because this is so wrong.

Original review posted by user Sep 07, 2012

On 9/2/12 11:38am, I bought a queen Aerobed at Target, Ca for $216.00. When I opened it later that day for my guests to use, we found it covered with mold & unsafe for use. I took it back to Target for an exchange on 9/3/12, 11am. Please note this was less than 24 hours since I had purchased it! I asked for a replacement bed.The managers refused. I asked for a store credit or refund. The managers refused saying that on the INSIDE of box there's a statement saying to return directly to Aerobed. I pointed out that nowhere on the OUTSIDE of the box, or on the shelf, did it say the bed was not returnable or exchangeable so I had been mislead. I spoke with 2 store mgers: Melvin & Robert. Both managers were rude, refusing to give me their last names, or their employee id#s. They told me to call Target Corporate offices which I did, and of course Target Corporate was closed (it was Labor Day). At the suggestion of an off-duty police officer who overheard my situation, I called the Daly City police to assist me. The officer arrived and agreed that Target should clearly state their no return/exchange policy on the OUTSIDE of the box, but he wasn't able to convince Target to give me an exchange, credit or refund. The officer witnessed me leaving the bed at the Customer Service counter, since I have a bad back (the double height queen Aerobeds are heavy) & I refused to reintroduce anymore mold in my car! I have had headaches since opening that bed and hope I have not been contaminated with mold from a foreign country! I believe Target is not in compliance with California Civil Code Sec. 1723 and needs to rectify their mistakes immediately. Until then it's buyer beware!

BTW, while I was standing in line, I heard the customer service people refuse to exchange or give store credit on ANY cosmetic or personal product even those with receipts and in triple blister packages that clearly had never been opened. So exchanges are not that easy at Target anymore!

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Shavertown, Pennsylvania, United States #1223825

That was awful .. believe me I wouldn't have walked out without a refund ..those 2 Mangers should be fired or demoted and go for customer training again .. very sad you went through this .anytime we buy a high price item such as from Walmart we buy the extended warranty and we didn't ever have a problem returning item or item to company that offered Warranty..

Target shame on you and your managers ...


Funny thing. Here at the TARGET in Windsor Ct, I've returned any number of items such as printer cartridges, clothing and kitchen utensils for various reasons (non defective) and I've never had any dispute.

I've always been asked if there was a problem with the product and I've always replied that I either didn't need it or I've just changed my mind even after I've opened the packaging at home.

I've either been credited a refund directly to my debit card or been offered the cash. Never a problem!

to Anonymous Milton, Florida, United States #1221616

It's not a problem because you are lying to the customer service rep and essentially letting them sell a defective item.


Why didn't you just call Aerobed?? I can't believe you got the police involved in this!


This policy is clearly stated in the return policty which is on the back of the receipt and is signed in the store. It is a federal law.

Murrieta, California, United States #680483

Simple solution - use a credit card for the purchase and as the card company to intervene. They will probably reverse the charges.

to Bill Cousert Murrieta, California, United States #680489

Better yet, don't shop at Target. Walmart doesn't have the same policy.

to Bill Cousert #680587

Walmart has destroyed so many communities across America I can't shop there.

to lucylucy #1155789

And yes they do have the same policy, neither target or mallwart will accept returns or exchanges on the POS cheap airbeds they sell, since several years ago.

Walmart first changed the policy to one month from three, then to two weeks, then to "you open it, you own it".

Not a surprise considering the trash quality of especially their store-brand examples and downmarket "special models" they have custom-made for their stores by otherwise reputable manufacturers (how do you think they get the prices so much lower than everyone else? By selling you the scaled-back otherwise-3rd-world-market-only version that looks mostly the same of course!). Nearly every example that I have ever encountered (MANY) has leaked within DAYS of the first use, let alone 3 months. Combine that with the calibur of customer all too often encountered at such retail hellboxes who often only need the thing for a one-weekend guest or camping trip or whatever and buy and return another one every time such a need arises whether it is defective or not (in the latter case along with the tent, lawn chairs, lantern, canteen, half-used water purification tablets and sunscreen etc) and it quickly becomes apparent that continuing to offer a category of product whose RMA rate likely results in a net loss over time and is futile for a retailer which exists to make money.

It was either no returns or not carry them anymore, and they were a great seller after all if they didn't all come back they would actually make money rather than lose it, so their change of policy makes perfect sense.

They actually post this policy in the aisle where they sell airbeds in the few stores of either retailer I have been in that section of in recent years (few, thankfully), as well as behind the customer service counter AND on the back of the receipt. Much like they have done since changing their return policy on electronics from 90 days to either 15 days or 30 depending on the item, and have also done regarding accepting returns on seasonal items after the intended season or holiday decorations after the holiday. Too bad for the dishonest among us as they used to be a great free rental provider for the unwashed-est of the masses!

Now as to this complaint, I HIGHLY doubt that any airbed covered with (live, growing) mold came from this store the way the claimant is alleging.

There is no way for the conditions to grow mold on the surface of the airbed inside it's packaging to occur in such a way that the outside packaging would not also be inundated, as all the other airbeds packaged within the same pallet would have to be as well. Moisture just happening to magically appear ALONG WITH NUTRIENTS on ONLY the inside of the packaging while shrink wrapped to a couple dozen other units of the same product and the wooden pallet Just does not happen, at least not to items made of PVC impregnated with copious amounts of anti-fungal agents, sorry.

What does happen is people using an airbed for a guest over a few days, covering it with all the assorted bacteria, fungual spores, dead skin cells and other substrate materials for a decomposer like mold/mildew to grow on, then stashing it in their mildewy garage or back patio or shed or other unsuitable storage place where it is constantly exposed to condensing moisture and/or rain for several months, causing the antifungals to break down and eventually for it to grow mold. This is discovered when guests are due, when the mistreated bag of PVC is brought up from steerage to be unrolled on deck, in the light of day for the first time since Christmas 2014.

Naturally, when this situation happens due to the negligence of one of the entitled class of selfish twats that are the reason American culture has fallen to it's current state, it is taken to be something that every other target customer and the manufacturer should pay for.

So the abuser of said product goes to the same store, or the nearest big box that carries the same or a visually very similar (likely updated) product, picks up the same or closest airbed to the one they ruined, takes it home and unpacks the new bed then crams the old POS they trashed through egregious improper storage into the miraculously clean, mold-free cardboard box (which, unlike freshly minted and treated PVC, IS a good food/substrate for mold and which would have been INUNDATED with spores from the mold growing inside, not to mention would have also had to pass such spores to the inside of the tightly folded item which would likely have been in an additional heat-sealed plastic bag through the couple of 5mm breather holes punched in it's side to keep it from distending the packaging during elevation changes) and tries to pass it off as the one they just bought the day before to the CS desk/returns people, who see this ALL THE TIME executed with varying degrees of effectiveness. Then of course when told they are not gonna get a free lunch they act all indignant. Despite the open box policy, I have had (the very same) target take back a similar bed in the last year when it was defective out of the box (dead embedded air pump). Considering that the evidence here all indicates an attempt to stick the store with your long-abused and trashed product, I'm glad they stood up for the rest of their customers whose prices rise when ppl like the poster of this complaint abuse permissive satisfaction guarantees and/or returns policies to essentially shoplift legally.

BTW I bet the original poster didn't realize this but the store staff may well have - ALL inflatable airbeds are HEAVILY treated with anti-fungal agents before leaving the factory. These should last several years through standard consumer abuse (e.g. camping and putting it away damp etc.)...

The fact that the (untreated) cardboard box was fine but the bed was full of mold - a product which should have been essentially sterile, devoid of bio-film from the harsh chemicals and conditions of the manufacturing process and thus devoid of nutrients PLUS impregnated with enough fungus-killing poison to inhibit mold for years unless abused horribly - is a dead giveaway, as is the fact that you went to such lengths as to call the police to the store (wasting their time and MY tax dollars, btw) and are posting on here, thinking it will cover your *** to be so indignant. You were and are overacting to the point I laughed out loud while reading your report.

to Bill Cousert #680584

Yes, I had used a credit card and immediately filed a complaint with my bank in writing. The bank withheld payment from Target for 45 days but gave them time to respond.

Target corporate responded to the bank saying that I had not returned the mattress, (inspite of the police report, photos, documentation, etc) so I had to work for weeks to untangle that! It was very difficult to resolve even when I finally got a woman in Target corporate customer service to help me... even once she issued a "credit", it took months for me to get it and then it turned out to be a partial store credit!!!! So Target really screwed me from start to finish.

I had all my documentation, a timeline, the police report, etc and threatened to go to Consumer watch groups and Target could've cared less. Don't be fooled into thinking that they are good about returns because they are not!

to lucylucy #680627

Target is horrible about returns. Most of the time, they are at fault, but will not admit responsibility or take any actions to help the customer.

The best advice about shopping at Target? D O N' T!!!!!!


i dont mind a air matteres, hovweer ive woke up on the ground after it deflated at night, If im on the move,( hiking, kayaking, ) i will always carry a good foam mat. it helps alot with body heat, comfort, its light, sturdy, dont lose air, and makes a great splint for broken bones ..Here is a good tool for camping on the move ..if you know its going to be wet and raining, stop and see about buying a body bag from your ambulance service, i know it sounds bad but it does work very good for staying dry.

Ive been using one for almost 20 years ..PS. make sure this bag is new and not used LOL


The fact that you wanted names/ID numbers would make me uncomfortable too!

Why would I help someone who is making themselves seem predatory for asking for personal information!

They should have accepted the return, but asking a company to give out private information is just asking for your problem to remain unsolved.

to Creepy #680830

They were managers representing a large corporation. When I called Target Corporate Headquarters they immediately asked who I spoke to at the store and because there are 25 "managers" at this one store, they told me without a name or employee id, they had no idea who I'd spoken to.

It wasn't private info I requested. Just something to confirm for my records who had said what so I could get the issue resolved. The police backed me up on that day and later in writing to Target Corporate...

if I had been acting "creepy", the police wouldn't have done that. This was clearly a case of Target Serramonte mismanaging this case.


I apologize Lucylucy. :cry :sigh

I WAS being sarcastic, but I certainly didn't mean that it was directed to you. :?

These people who accuse innocent customers of such practices should be made to see how ridiculous their excuses/explainations are to consumers who only want decent products for a decent price. It seems if someone posts their negative experiences, some nut job has to come along and accuse the innocents of wrongdoing.

Please accept my apologies for not being clear that I was in no way trying to slander you or your experience. :?

Some of the things said on this site are only best dealt with returning their own words back to them. 8)


In California, businesses must conform to State Business and Commerce laws, not vice versa.


As I stated .. I had purchased the air mattress less than 24 hours before I attempted to exchange it.

The mattress was in a factory sealed clear plastic bag and the mold was evident as soon as it was unrolled.

Since the box said Made in China, the mold most likely came from

China. It was disgusting and scary since mold can be very toxic.

to Lucylucy #1155803

***. ALL air mattresses are made of PVC impregnated with copious amounts of antifungal agents, because they are subjected to abuse as a matter of course such as being put away damp while breaking camp and inflated by mouth/breath (which sucks IMMEASURABLY to do but has been done at least once in a pinch by most campers naiive enough to bring an air mattress).

Even if there was some unscrupulous agent at the factory witholding these additives for the sake of selling them on the (oh-so-lucrative I'm sure) chinese antifungal black market (rofl!) there is NO way that there could be mold growing inside the PVC mattress (which was certainly treated, but even if it hadn't been is a polymer that mold can't eat and whose surface would have been near sterile from the chemicals and heat of the manufacturing process) but not on the box (which is organic matter, PRIME mold food). You tried returning a mattress that you used once and then stored somewhere inappropriate, in a city with constant fog and rain every few days all winter...

Still it must have taken months for the anti-fungal treatment to be worn down by the constant flow of mold spores...

Your extreme over-reactions hint at the truth as well, only someone who is over-acting trying to cover their *** while essentially being (nicely) called out on trying to legally shoplift by employees and a manager who were not *** enough to believe your extremely unbelieveable tale. I don't blame the others who believed you at first here on this site for doing so since most people wouldn't know any better.

The store ppl however see this *** every day as white trash try to return everything from 9/10ths used shampoo and deodorant sticks to an entire campsite worth of camping gear the day after labor day weekend or Christmas decorations on the following January, always citing the 90-day satisfaction guarantee as if it were their rental license/license to steal... We didn't see it, they did, and I guarantee you that if they did not take it back the day after you bought it then it was redily apparent that it had been much more than a day since it left the box. It was all haggered looking, with no creases and faded colors, right? And despite being full of mold, was rolled up and crammed into the box instead of neatly and tightly folded like it should have been had it just been opened...

You even gave it away yourself when you said that as soon as you "unrolled" it you saw it was full of mold, when all air mattresses come tightly and clearly folded, for one so they will fit in a square box as tightly as possible - nobody opening one the way it came from the factory would refer to the process as unrolling...

Please stop trying to make the rest of us pay for your ineptitude, if you choose to abuse your belongings don't think that you have the right to steal a new one from a retailer by abusing their generous satisfaction guarantee. It makes the cost go up for both manufacturers and retailers, which leads to lower wages and higher prices.

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1178820

How TF is LucyLucy "stealing" a new air mattress when she stated that she was returning an air mattress purchased only ONE day prior, which would be evident on her receipt?? Did it ever occur to you that perhaps someone BEFORE her purchased, used and damaged this air mattress and returned it to the store.

This item then was placed back on the store shelf and LucyLucy purchased it not knowing that it was previously returned.

And now she is stuck with the results of an incompetent customer service cashier who did not check the item when it was previously returned! Only a criminal like you would assume the worst immediately!


So Lucylucy - Did you try to return an OLD air mattress to Target?

Did you? DID YOU?????? :upset

And why, WHY-WHY are they not in compliance with 1723?

WHY, OH WHY??????? :cry :cry

What do you mean, "What matters is the Statewide laws which are very clear about defective merchandise and misleading consumers w their return policies"?????

Target is the boss of their stores and everything that comes out of their stores. California is not the boss of Target, and neither are you!! :eek

When will you consumers ever learn about being responsible for yourselves AND Target's mistaken policies? MAN!!!!!

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