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I have in the past noticed a trend where it almost seems as though target intentionally tries to mislead customers with ads! bought a piece of furniture, put it together, last piece was cracked.

went through *** with cust serv. finally after two hours was made right and issued $50 dollar gift card, wasnt really worth what i had been though! bought another piece of furniture a month later, one piece was a major defect, two strikes and your out! target is bad at misrepresenting things, and they need training at cust.

service! I am done with that company, they really need to treat customers better!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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I don't see how this was a lie..? and you had two defective pieces of furniture, it's definitely a coincidence.

they wouldn't sell furniture as a scam because they would have little babies like you complaining to them after every sale. chances are, you probably broke the furniture yourself after one of your violent rages and told Target it was already that way. and learn about sports, it's 3 strikes you're out. not 2.

sounds like you're just a lazy *** who hasn't even played a sport in any way before. maybe you need to treat employees better, a$$hole.

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