I purchased a very heavy dresser from Target last week.It came in a flat box. When I brought it back to my building, it was so heavy that I had to pay a porter to carry it in the house.

It was so hard to put together, that I had to pay the super $100 to assemble it. It was defective. I called Target's main branch in Minneapolis and explained. They said that I had to bring it back to the store.

That was the only option. Now I have a defective dangerous piece of furniture in my daughter's room and I am out $100 that I paid to the super

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I ordered online tables from Target already returned one; RE brand; now about to send back another *** is the word worse than IKea!

Coto Laurel, Ponce, Puerto Rico #227437

You're upset with Target because their policy is for you to bring the item back? How else would you propose this be handled?

They don't have delivery services, therefore there is no one who can come pick it up. What should they do for you?


Instead of complaining to target about the defective furniture, why don't you complain to the manufacturer for making defective furniture? And why do you buy somehing that you don't know how to put together?? ***.

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