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Unbelievable...with the money I've spent...I cannot fathom that within a 2 week period I have made 2 purchases that Target had on their shelves that had expired..a bottle of Pepsi which I purchased just in August/08 had a date of expiration of June/08. Don't think of purchasing anything edible when going thru the checkout either.

I bought some oatmeal granola bars that I thought would be a good snack for work. I know eating something healthy for you sometimes tastes pretty bad but come on..gag me or what! I could not believe when I *** into a bar..so bad..I thought my tastebuds were off!

What the heck I looked at the label....OMG..could not believe it but if I recall 2007...

Monetary Loss: $3.

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interesting...i purchased an expired BIRTH CONTROL TEST a few weeks ago. they happily exchanged it for me, but still...

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