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In general, target has been my go to store aside from publix; however, today was my first visit to their electronics department. The employees at the target near me seen to care more about chatting with each other than helping a customer.

I had bought a iPod touch from a pawn shop so I went in there to get a screen protector. I asked one of the women if it would fit, she didn't do anything and called over another girl who she referred to as the "tech master". I had told her it was from a pawn shop, and I wanted to know if it was a fifth generation to match the protector. I thought she would look up the model or, you know, something to show me that she knew even a ounce of insight in electronics.

Instead she told me that it was not an iPod touch at all, in fact it was an ipod, obviously. However after that, I looked up the model number on my own, found out that it was in fact an iPod touch 5th generation. From this experience, I have learned to never trust nor associate with pea-brained employees who do not know how to or even want to help a customer.

After I had left to look it up on my own, still in the store, mind you, I heard them talking about me like I didn't know anything and a pawn shop had sold me a piece of ***. I could have ripped out their hair and scratched out their eyes at that point because while I may have been sure, they could have at least tried to help instead of brushing me off as a dumb blonde.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Markham, Ontario, Canada #926685

You refer to the employee as a "girl" when you act like you are six year old with such comments such as pea-sized brain? You talk about wanting to rip out their hair and scratching out their eyes, you honey need anger management.

Perhaps they treated you like a dumb blond because you acted like one. Perhaps they thought you were younger than you were because you were behaving like you are six years old.

If you had physically attacked anyone you would be in jail where you belong, and believe me honey there are people way tougher than you out there, and I take that comment as a threat and have reported that threat to the local police department who are getting in touch with the police department in Bunnell Florida, yeah they traced your IP address because they took the threat seriously. Even if you are not serious about your threat they can still take action because making threats online is illegal.

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