It is Target Stores policy to scan and keep personal information provided from your driver license to buy alcohol. Regardless of age, Target scans your ID before an alcohol purchase can be made.

I am nearly 60 years old. It is not like they are protecting themselves from seling to a minor.

I will not shop at Target again. I am totally against this policy of personal information mining. Also, I went to the Target Stores web site to voice my concerns directly with them although I could not get through to simply voice my opinion and concern through an e-mail.

These huge American Corporations are there for their concerns only.

It should not be impossible to give them feedback. But it was for me.

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Im 61 today and got asked to show ID for a bottle of wine. How "insulting" and incompetent of Target.

Oh ,its company policy . That's because they hire "inexperinced"(young) people by poorly training them. If I didn't receive a "gift card", I would not go there anymore. Bad enough corp.

allowed hackers, now this. So, its not ID problem, its a grab your ID and sell it to groups so they can hassle you online. No wonder so many people order online. Going back to HEB.

Lower prices, better service and "local" company in San Antonio.

Others comments- you must be under 30(children)as you haven't lived long enough to be disrespected. Your day will come.

to spurs fan #797250

"That's because they hire "inexperienced"(young) people by poorly training them"

Seriously? How old are you again?

Like that old saying goes, "the older, the wiser?" Yeah right. They don't need to know your age, the register does. It has nothing to do with the training or age of the employees. Pretty sure they don't write out the company policies.

The ID needs to be scanned or else you don't get that wine you seem to be so hard up on.

Why would you want your "gift card" (not sure why you put it in quotes) if you plan to shop elsewhere in the future? Seems to me like you're the one with the problem.


Maybe they asked for ID because they thought you were 15 based on your behavior? You may be 60

Olympia, Washington, United States #659856

Let me clear this up for you, you paranoid ***.

It is Target's policy to scan ID's no matter how old you are. Why? Well to ensure we are not selling to underage minors. See, fake ID's won't scan, they simply come up on the register as 'Invalid #'. This helps Target to avoid getting fined thousands of dollars and also makes Target less of a pit stop for minors will their fake ID's. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Our requirement to check an ID is simply because the registers will not allow you to see alcohol without scanning or sliding an ID. This ensures Target corporate that the stores are in-fact checking ID's which helps to (yet again) avoid thousand dollar fines.

Also, the computers do not 'pull and save' your private info. It pulls your birthday and that is all. The registers pull your birthday and do the math so the cashiers don't have to wonder if that 'one kid was really 21'. It makes life easier.

The only time any department store will save your info perhaps unknowingly, is if you purchase medicine containing ephedrine.

Now, stop being such a paranoid ***. Wth would we want your info for? I mean seriously, stop your $hit. It's exceedingly annoying to have to deal with whiney customers such as yourself.


Dear Ms. LadyScot from Naples, Florida:

Stating my opinion is scamming this website while you posting your opinion is informative?

How in the blue blazes do you know Target's policies so intimately? Exactly how do you what information is stored in Target's computers?

Why can't Target's clerks verify DOB information the way it is done throughout the rest of the United States - by reading a person's DOB and figuring it out for themselves? Are their employees completely inept or is it for another reason, like scanning personal information they (don't) give a whit about?

Naples, Florida, United States #617334

No they do not, they scan to verify DOB. Get over yourself and stop spamming this website with this ***.


Are you joking? This is about an invasion of privacy.

Haven't you heard your own government telling you not to give your private information out?

Seriously, how do you survive in today's world. Probably you don't own a thing, so you have nothing to lose!


The POS system only holds the BIRTHDATE. Legally you can get in trouble if you sell without asking for ID if that person gets in a drunk driving accident, etc and you're the place that sold it to them. In the end it protects the employee.

Also, IDing for other medicines, dust off, lighters, etc is company policy. Do you want your 15 yr old buying lighters?

Just because it takes you two seconds to pull out your ID you have to *** about it?


I am another person who has been asked for ID to buy lighters in a Target store. This happened in the Seattle area.

I was asked for ID and wasn't told it would be scanned. And it was.

I am furious and do not think adults buying lighters should be subjected to this gestapo BS. I needed them for my holiday candles, btw.

to Anonymous #597912

Stop being a little crybaby. If you don't like it simply just don't shop at target anymore.


Last night I went to Target in Wisconsin, where I am visiting from California.

I bought 2 bags of candy and a pack of Bic lighters.

I was asked for ID. I thought this was odd, as I am 60 years old, buying lighters.

I handed it over, thinking she was going to look at it, but instead, she just took it and swiped it through her register, I was shocked, feeling violated.

The barcode info on my license is for law enforcement and DMV use.

Who the he'll do these people think they are?

Boycott Target. I will...

Spread the word. We won't tolerate this abuse of 'policy'.

***, Target!


Seeking an attorney to begin a class action suit against Target Stores for this unauthorized ID scanning debacle. A website can be established and then upset customers, like me and hundreds or thousands of others, will contribute a few dollars that in the aggregate will cover attorney’s fees to get this started.

Target cashiers are obviously under some distress over being forced by supervisors to do the unauthorized scanning. Their deposition testimony will be interesting.

Subpoena’s of Target’s scanned ID data will also be very interesting. Rather than simply *** on these complaint websites, let’s get organized and stand up for what’s right!

to Thad O Naples, Florida, United States #617335

Sue them. I can't wait for this one so all you idiots can be shown how irrational you are. Scanning is the way it will be done in the future. That is why DLS have the strip on them now. Target is ahead of the game, but not th4e only store who does it. And they ONLY scan for the DOB. They don't give a *** about the rest of your info.

AND why the *** are ya'll freaking out? When stores swipe your credit or debit card THEY GET THE SAME *** INFORMATION.

Target grl - WHY does Target have itself set up this way? Why does anyone on the planet have to have an ID(most commonly a driver's license) S C A N N E D?????
Can't you employees read an ID and determine if a person is old enough to purchase the products that need to be sold to adults only? :x
WHY does a manager have to come and secondly check an ID? WHY can't employees perform this task? :x In a lot of states, we don't even have to HAVE an ID to vote - so tell me again, WHY does Target have to S C A N an ID? Are you employees not reputable enough to verify a purchaser's age? :eek
WHY do they have to S C A N an ID, when an employee should be competent and trusted enough to verify the person's age?????? :( :(

I actually cashier at target and we have to I.D. people because Target has a contract with an Alcohol association to I.D.

everyone. And we scan the back of the license because it is quicker than calling for a GSA to approve your age.

to target grl #787889
Why is a Uk drivers licence not a valid ID in Target? They wanted to see my passport :(

"I'm tired of all the old people making a scene every time I ask for identification."

Reading your arrogant posts is getting old....

to Niceguy Lake In The Hills, Illinois, United States #585440

F off you little punk...


"Stop being so paranoid"

You are a good put down artist and a wannabee technocrat. I have read quite a few articles on this ID scanning business at Target and it's hard to find very many people who agree with you. Maybe you should stop being so naive.


Why are you afraid of them keeping the information. Do you have something to hide?

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