I went to a Target in the Spokane WA area today and when purchasing wine was asked for my drivers licence. I thought she was going to check my age but she actually scanned it on her register.

I asked her about it and she said it was a precautionary step in their system. I went to the customer service area and the step was confirmed in a rude manner.

It is very unsettling to me and a obscene attempt to gather info. I will going to another store for items Target carries.

Seems to be getting worse every day.

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Spokane, Washington, United States #995516

The same store did the same thing to my wife when she was buying a bottle of Tylenol. I called the store manager immediately and he said that it was store policy with certain medications, but aspirin wasn't one of them.

He could not explain why this occurred, other than an employee misunderstanding. We have stopped shopping at Target as a result.


Target will scan your driver's license and store it in their computers, where they can be hacked and lose all that data exactly like what happened to Sony Corporation with all of their customer data recently!


This asinine policy is insane. Why should you have to show a driver's license to buy wine?

What about millions of people who don't have a driver's license? I bought the same wine at my local supermarket with no such harassment after I told them what they could do with their wine.


A lot of states and stores are doing this as a security measure to verify authenticity.


A lot of states are requiring that someones id must be scanned to ensure that the person is of age to purchase not only alcohol but cigarettes, otc pills that contain anything that can be produced to make illegal drugs and is age restricted. dont blame target for fallowing what may be a state regulation with penalty of loosing the license for that item.

and also look at it this way that team member must have thought you to look young. so Big compliment.


Did they ask you if you wanted it scanned or did she just do it? Most stores do this now why who knows. With all the hacks getting people info from major retail stores databases who know who has your info.

Schwabach, Bayern, Germany #27319

Sopund big brotherish. Put a magnet on your licenese for a few hours if it bothers you, it won't be scanable.

London, England, United Kingdom #25843

they also scan liscenses for cigarettes every where you go and for alcohol pretty much every where maybe you never noticed this before because nobody ever thought you were appeared underage. take it as a compliment go home and drink your wine.

Unionville, Virginia, United States #24475

This is the new security that stores are going to have in their stores. It scans the licence for age and make sure its not stolen.

You should be glad they do this.

Because if your licence was stolen and someone was using it the store can recover it for you. quit complainting.

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