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I was at the target store on university plaza in Tampa.on 10/19/14.while I was walking down the main isle.i slip on water or mud.I'm not sure what it was.another customer helped me up.i went and got someone.i told them I fell.and wanted to fill out a accident report.they gave me all kinds of bull ###.they told me I can't fill out on till they check camera.all they kept saying was people fake falls all the.they never ast if I was ok.did I need a ambulance.they put me on trial right then a there.they made me wait for an hour.i had to then demand a supervisor.when the man finally came.all he said was he sorry for the wait.never asked if I was ok.that he was sorry for me falling.he to keep saying well he have to check the cameras.he told me not to have a attitude with him.he already apologize what more do I want.than he said.this I don't know why he said it .he said I can't be all over the store you someone just stoked.i can't do anything about it because I'm here filling out this .I have more to say.but what good would it do .target on university plaza between Fletcher and 30th you suck!!!.yes I have been telling awful your store is.Now I'm not saying that all the targets would act like that.but I was already in barest then they had to it.By the way you watch the cameras you see I was incent. person .for shame on you all

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They obviously saw that you are okay. Next time either watch where you are walking or hold mommy's hand so this does not happen again.

What exactly did you want him to say in his apology, sorry you fell because you are clumsy and careless? You were careless why should he apologize to you. You are the one that was careless and you have no right to give him attitude. Where was mommy when you were giving him attitude, why was she not telling you that you were misbehaving?

He is right he cannot be all over the store, the world does not revolve around you. All this commotion because mommy was not holding your hand and watching you.

to learn how to walk #889554

Well if my mom or any other family members or friends would have been there.they said stay down call an ambulance sue the *** out them.all the people I have spoken to about this said my little upsets attitude wasn't nothing they would have raised ***.do you walk through a store with your eyes on the floor?no a normal person looks in front of them so they don't knock other down.i work with people and if they get hurt or on unhappy we apologize for what happened we do what he can for that person.and we surely don't tell that person someone is stilling and I'm here filling out this. Maybe you should truly thank about if this happen to you .And be honest GOD knows what your thinking.he just may put you in that position.would you site for an hour. And not be treated good.Remember this could happen to are judging someone because they fell and was upset.I've never fallen before.and dumb *** I work around grease,water,many other chemicals.because someone falls don't make them clumsy.unfortunately things the way asked all your target employees or coworkers family friends what they expect should happen if they fall.ask your shelf that.ASK Your MOMMY.

to anonymous joe Orange, California, United States #889642

I have to agree with them learn how to walk. Why should they have to pay for your being careless?

Learn how to spell as well. Just grow up and admit it is your fault. You are the one that needs to hold mommy's hand if you cannot walk properly. You will be changing your tune if you invite guests over to your house and one one of them gets injured and tries to sue you.

No one owes you a thing for your being careless. Face it you were careless.

I am glad the manager gave you a hard time. He is looking out for the store from scammers like you.


You think the store sucks, and I think your poor capitalization, punctuation, etc. rally suck.

There is supposed to be a space after periods. Why should they ask if you are OK and if you need an ambulance when you are right there whining because you have to wait awhile to fill out an accident report? If you hadn't been OK you wouldn't have been doing that. They apologized, what more do you want from them?

They were right when they said people say they slipped and fell all the time. In fact a lot of lawyers won't even take slip and fall cases because they are too hard to prove. What exactly does the word "ast" mean?What does the word "stoked" mean?

You really have a lot of improvement to do yourself, when you right things and if you speak the same way, it is no wonder they allegedly didn't pay much attention to you. One more thing you should always watch where you put your feet when you are walking, that helps prevent slip and fall accidents.

to anonymous #888889

I think he wants a gift card or something for his being careless. However from his attitude thinking the world revolves around him, making them apologize for his falling when he was careless, as well as the spelling and grammar makes me believe that this person is four years old and should have been holding mommy's hand the whole time until he learns how to walk. He should have been holding mommy's hand she would have kept him safe.

to Anonymous #889626

Have you ever fallen or stumble.people fall all the time.don't mean nothing.people have things on their mind or their paying attention to something other then looking at the ground.when your walking you don't look ahead of you.your not a fair of knocking someone I'm impressed.and everyone told me to sue .but no I didn't.what about you think about it would you walk out with smile on your face.truly be honest.maybe you should ask all your target coworkers,family,friends,people in general.i didn't get nothing didn't ask for anything.forbid you fall in a place of business.But if it does remember it's all your fault and GOD forbid someone you love falls and they don't get treated very well tell them what you told will be all their fault.the comments I got sounds like your judging my unfortunate accident by my writing.i no your employees or family,friends. Because anyone in their right mind would feel the same way.has nothing to do with the world around.if I wanted the world to be around me I won't have been so quiet about it.Remember if this ever happens to just walk away.don't sue don't ask for will be all your fault.

to anonymous j Orange, California, United States #889645

If you do sue I hope you get one of those judges that laughs you out of the courtroom and you lose your money to lawyers, that is exactly what a low life like you deserves for being greedy. People are careless and fall all the time but they dont go around suing for their clumsiness.

You lack ethics, someone with ethics would not sue for their being clumsy.

You don't want to admit this.

to anonymous #889599

Capitalism and punctuation rally sucks.yes target person.that's why your made at my comment or is because your an employee of target or a family,friend.really I have told so many people and this what they had to say my little attitude was nothing.not only would laid there called the police,ambulance they'd sue.I work with people all day long and if they get hurt or unhappy we at my place of business do what ever it takes to make that person fill better.think about how you would feel.Be honest GOD knows And he may put you in that position to see how you would really acted.And the supervisor taking my information should have never said someone is stilling and I'm here taking this down.I known people fake falls.he should have not judge that before they looked at the place of business doesn't judge until we no the facts.we want people say WOW I got hurt or had a problem and they were so good to me.i will go back with a happy heart.I'm sure the owner of target want that to.maybe if they had more business they would pay you target employees more .but I'm sure you all make a lot. So next time your watching have never treated anyone that way.judge my writing all you want.

to anonymous j #889602

So next time your watching your feet and where you put them don't knock anyone down.

to anonymous j Orange, California, United States #889646

Now you just proved that you are four years old. Only a four year old would ASSume that if someone tells you the straight out truth that they work for the company.

For all we know you are lying and are trying to make trouble for the company because you were fired or caught stealing.

Your ASSuming that someone works for Target is no better than us assuming you are lying about this whole incident because you ewre fired. So before you go around making ASSumptions go ask mommy to view what you are posting because your spelling and grammar make you sound uneducated.

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