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Super Target in Boyton Beach FL

..wed Nov 26 6pm..walking in we saw entrance totally overrun in trash. My wife told a sales associate of problem.

.assured the manager would be appraised of situation. 30 min later on our way out of store entrance..still total trash..with addition of Target associate texting amist trash.

.. Why would Target expect to ever see my business again.?

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Sanitary Conditions.

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Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #907483

You're effing kidding me, right? Trash outside the store got you all worked up???


Instead of making BS complaints I suggest you work on your spelling skills. It's apprised not "appraised" and amidst not "amist".

Orange, California, United States #906957

It is obvious that you are ten year old and your wife needs to be arrested for marrying a ten year old, the again from how you described your wife she is obviously ten years old as well. Has it ever occurred in your petty little brain that they don't have time to clean up after nasty customers that it is customers not them making the mess.

Nope because you expect the world to revolve around you and you expect to have everyone do things when you want them to do them. Trust me you will not be missed.

to KevinRichards Alamo, Texas, United States #907354

preach it

to dawg Orangeville, Ontario, Canada #907523

I forgot to add one thing the associate on the phone texting near the trash could have been on their break, and this spoiled child expects them to work on their break because they think the world revolves around them.

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