Worst customer service ever!! Sherman, Tx (towne centre) I was shopping with my niece in a sorta slow pace because we were waiting on a friend find to a shirt to buy.

In the meantime we browsed around into the shoe area and found some nice sandals we were going to purchase until I noticed almost every employee looking at us as we walked around doing more shopping and it was very uncomfortable because no one ever asked did we need help or even GREET US well at this time I had gotten alittle upset with the poor customer service and staring. So I decided I wasn't going to purchase ANYTHING from this store! We sat our shoes down on a table and started to walk out when a man named KEVIN walked up to us and said "did you guys not want the sandals?" And at this moment I'm somewhat shocked because that was the first and only remark we had gotten from any employee since we walked in, well I replied and said no then he asked where were they "as if" we had stolen them and at this point I'm beyond embarrassed as well as my niece while others watched while he asked that I show him where I placed them. After I showed him I never got an apology just a snobby attitude!!

I will never go back to this store again!! It was humiliating and so uncalled for!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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