In the city of San Jose, customers have to pay for shopping bags or opt to walk out with merchandise in their hands. If the buzzer goes off at the exit door, how does the security guard know who to Stop


7/22 at the College Park store, downtown San Jose, Califorina

I purchased 148.00 worth of goods, including an autoshop vaccum cleaner. My bags were placed in the shopping cart along with the autoshop vaccum at the bottom.

As I approached the exit door of target along with 5 other customers(Asians, Latinos, Mexicans, Whites), the buzzer went off and I heard the security guard say "Sir" of course there were others around leaving. Hey somehow knew it was my shopping cart, being the only black man leaving with the other customers. He singled me out and asked for my receipt.

Pause here please, In San Jose, stores charge you for shopping bags or you walk out with items in your hands.

The other customers:

All had items in their hands and opted not to purchase a shopping bag.

Back to my experience: Being from Georgia, i know its procedure to always leave the store with a bag.

So how did the security guard know it was My bagged items deep down in the shopping cart.

Was this a setup?

I showed him my receipt and he stated it was the autoshop vaccum cleaner, but how could he see that at the bottom of my cart..........meanwhile, all the other customers with merchandise in their hands, are walking out the door.......we assume they paid for it.......but he stopped me....the one who had a shopping bag.

As I exited the door, another security guard was coming in from parking lot duty.

I over heard the younger security guard who had stopped me state" Hey I caught one trying to leave"

I ask caught what? I have a receipt for my goods and I can afford to purchase more if needed.

Next Steps: My attorney will be contacting Target to have all the staff at the College Park store in San Jose undergo Sensitivy and Diversity Training to understand cultures and specifically African Americans.

1. The store needs to hire more African Americans as cashiers, store managers, and district managers.

Key takeaways:

Since customers in San Jose California have an option NOT to purchase shopping bags at target................How did the Security Guard know it was me buzzing at the exit door?...................He allowed all the other customers to leave with goods and products ....without a bag in the palm of their hands......we assume they purchased......


College Park, San Jose Target Store requires revamping with more diversity, including African Americans in Leadership over the district.

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Poy Sippi, Wisconsin, United States #759010

Well since it is not about your skin color you are going to lose. Let's just hope they don't sue you for slander for claiming racism.

Also Jedi is not racist, he is simply saying stop playing the race card. Perhaps all you playing the race card are racist yourselves by assuming all whites are racist.


You are telling us that every time they stop a black shopper over a white shopper, they are being racist?

Honestly, I think the reason they stopped you is BECAUSE your vacuum was buried under other stuff. They may not be implicating you directly, but oftentimes cashiers miss stuff that is at the bottom of the cart/already covered.

The fact of the matter is, you were stopped and you proved you had paid for all of your items. Congratulations, you have taken a step in the right direction for disproving unfair stereotypes.

I think your complaint would have been 100% more valid if you hadn't tried to blame race, but then you wouldn't have had a complaint at all would you?


so.. according to you, all of the customers that were walking out weren't white but you're saying that it's racist that they called you over out of many different non white races? okay then.


And just so you know I have friends of all colours and none of them would claim discrimination because of something silly. I am just stating facts.


I am not racist, I am just saying people should stop playing the race card when things don't go right. Grow up, you are almost as bad as the OP.




In South Dakota, if you want the reusable bags, you have to buy them, even though they advertise the name of the store. The only time you get free bags is if they are having a promotion.

The point when you are going shopping is to take some of the ones that you already have with you----it doesn't mean that they have to have the name of the store that you will be shopping in on the bag.

Heavens! my adult developmentally disabled daughter knows enough to take reusable bags with when we go shopping.


This complaint would be valid if this person did not play the race card.


Of couse I don't believe everything I read on this site, but I think I can usually tell the difference between the legitimate complaints and the st#pids and the crazies. You seem to attack everyone equally.

Don't you EVER believe some consumers have valid complaints? Because it doesn't seem to me that you do.


And you really believe everything your read on this site, they are embellished these stories.


Jedi, how was it clear that it was his items responsible for the alarm activation if a group of people, some without their items bagged, were all leaving at the same time? Yes, many people on this site assume racism when there clearly wasn't any, but in this case I really do see his point. Given the same circumstances, I would be upset as well.


It is most a law in your city do not blame Target for following the law. They will laugh you out of the courtroom, why does everything have to be a race issue, and they were not talking about you when they said they caught someone.

The store can't just hire African Americans to not look racist, they have to be qualified. How do you even know if they applied for the jobs in the first place.

You are the immature one by playing the race card when it was clear your items went off, and no they did not set you up for embarrassment because you are black. Quit think everything is about your skin colour.

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