The Target in Frederick, Maryland had a great sale after Christmas going on. My sister ( who is pregnant) noticed that most of the maternity clothes were 40%.

She got a few things and we continued to shop. Once we got to the register our lady was rude. The clothes were not coming up 40% off. I said something nicely and was told " If they don't have the price sticker marked down on them then its not true".

I got annoyed and told her that these were not put on the wrong rack as there were others of the same and none were marked. She kept just scanning our other items. Then, I told her I could go get her the signs and she very rudely said " DONT DO THAT". She called over someone and the guy phoned someone and said that they are not 40% off, but he would give us 10% off.

WOW. After, we finished our purchased I decided to go back there and check to see if they really weren't 40% off. When, I got back there I noticed an employee moving everything around. I told her of my situation and she said that " They were wrong and it is 40% off for us since they put out the wrong signs.

We waited in a long line at customer service to only get the same guy who lied to us. The lady back at the clothing said she told the guy over the phone to honor our 40% off, but he only gave us 10%.

As, soon as he saw us he didn't even argue and knew he was wrong. Target always has nice products, but their employees mostly, if not always are rude.

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it sounds like they were just in the wrong spot. if there was a TV sitting there under a sign that said 50% off all jeans, you'd probably argue that the TV should be 50% off.


Oh blah blah blah.. You're gonna sue blah blah for what?

You clearly were up to something.. I'm sure you swiped something...

Yea im sure Target edits video to frame people... Good luck suing...hahahahaha

Kollam, Kerala, India #775569

Sigh, if I had a dollar for every time someone mistook being told "no" as rude I would be rich. Being told "no" is not the same as being rude. Learn the difference.

to Anonymous #791253

I completely agree 100%!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth. People are I entitled now...


stopped shopping at TARGET long ago and so glad I did with the HACKERS stealing everyone MONEY. Target saves all your data and now what so many people are losing every penny in the bank accounts.

to Anonymous #775280

Are you serious? Nobody is "losing every penny in their bank accounts." Obviously, the consumer is not responsible for fraudulent charges.

In fact, Target is giving everyone with a Red Card free credit monitoring for a year to make sure that they aren't a victim. The theft isn't coming from Target, genius, it's coming from the criminals.

If you have to make things up and embellish what happened then maybe YOU are the problem, not Target. A$$HOLE.


I would have just requested a senior member of management from the moment he refused to honor the sale price.

to Reilly Frederick, Maryland, United States #775570

Yeah we tried that but they refused to get a manager. My sister was so upset about this that she wanted to start drinking.

Luckily I stopped her. If this incident had made her drink and something had happened to the baby because of it we would have sued Target for making he feel the need to drink while pregnant.

The worse is they later arrested my sister for fraud because they claimed she put the clothing on that rack herself.

They police took an hour to come, wanna know why, so they can edit their cameras to make it look like we were placing the clothing on the sale rack. Even if she did why arrest a pregnant woman, this wil cause her stress and if anything happens to the baby I will be suing them.

to Anonymous North Adams, Massachusetts, United States #777258

She was so upset that she wanted to start drinking ? Really lady. *** good thing she didnt try to kill herself and the unborn baby over this entire incident.

to Anonymous #778278



"My (pregnant) sister was so upset about this that she wanted to start drinking" "...something had happened to the baby because of it we would have sued Target for making he feel the need to drink while pregnant"



You are special, aren't you! Take no personal responsibility, and blame someone else for your poor decisions. If you would have started drinking and it caused any abnormality, the county should charge you with child endangerment, and/or, child abuse!

. They had reason to call the police.

Probably due to your unusal behavior. . You may find this difficult to believe, nut the police have better and more important things to do than rush to a target for possible suspicious shoplifter(s). Gee!

Maybe that's why they took an hour!

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #791257

With a reply like that I wonder if your mother was drinking or using while pregnant with you.

to Anonymous #797262

Seriously? You were upset because she couldn't save $4 bucks on a shirt?

A drink would cost more than that, but she's willing to pay for that and endanger the baby. Great parenting choices. It is complete and total BS that they arrested her for putting the clothes on the rack. And newsflash, they can't edit the camera feed right there in the office since each frame has a date and time stamp.

You're just looking for sympathy. This is a very cheap way to get it.

I feel bad for the baby. Wal-Mart awaits you.

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