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I bought a Keurig coffee maker at my local Target at 10:53 am. After researching the item further, I decided the item did not suit my interest. At about 2:00 pm that SAME DAY, I attempted to return the item at Guest Services. The coffee maker was never removed from its packaging and I had the original receipt and the Target card I had charged it to.

The employee opened the box and saw that the K-cup sampler that was included with the coffee maker was opened. Please note, the actual K-cups were NOT opened. We had opened that box to see what coffee options were included as I did not see the selection on the box. To my utter surprise, the employee said since it was a food item, they couldn't take it back. I explained it is a coffee maker, not a food item, and the actual "food item" was not opened - just the box that contained them. She would not budge and another employee said they changed their policy in October: items must be unopened and unused. It definitely wasn't used...and I found it very unreasonable that I couldn't return this item.

The manager also was unwilling to allow the return. I explained that I have been a loyal shopper at Target for years, my husband and I have two Red Cards and we had both our wedding and baby registry with them. We go there at least once per week and spend thousands of dollars there per year. What frustrated me is that Target was one of my favorite stores, and they seemed to not care about losing me as a customer. The fact that they were not "taking a loss" on a $100 item baffled me, when they will end up losing thousands of dollars by me and my family - the math just doesn't make sense.

Anyway, the Better Business Bureau took my case, but in the meantime, I was given a file number with Target's consumer line. Apparentely, that was sufficient for me to make the return. What would have been a simple transaction at Walmart or Bed, Bath & Beyond (where I will take my business from now on) became a stressful, upsetting experience. I will not being shopping at Target for a very long time - if ever again. I work in customer service and it is amazing how they know nothing about customer retention and the value of each shopper. After reveiwing the complaints on Consumer Affairs' website, I am surprised they are ranked as a top retailer.

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While I think Target went a little overboard in this case by initially refusing the return there is something you should know already if, in fact you work in customer service yourself. Using the I spend blah blah blah number of dollars here so give me special treatment line WILL NEVER WORK!!!

It only makes us behind the counter not as likely to help you. :sigh

I gotta agree. One bad experience out of many and you bash them on the internet? Weak.

As for responses from people on this site, why don't you write a complaint on pissedconsumer about it.


Ab00 - you will NEVER get satisfaction on this site, so you just as well sign off with some of your dignity intact. These paraya will never stop no matter how you appeal to their decency.

They simply don't have any. You have made your point and people have gotten your message. You accomplished what you set out to do. It is best for you to completely get off of this site and not read any future postings.

Their abuse will continue no matter what you post or plead.

Please take my advice and abandon this effort. Just go about your business of having a very Merry Christmas and leave the sewer to the rats.

As for me, after my very Merry Christmas, I plan to take target practice in the sewers!


nice. I change my user nameand someone uses my old one to post a false comment.

Whoever posted dare you.

Please stop commenting because it's beyond offensive at this point. Please.


Dear Ab00 - I see the dynamic duo is as industrious as ever. I sure hope they get a raise! No, they don't work for Target; their jobs are to discredit any complaint filed on this website. I personally don't think Tasha is a 14 year old girl and don't think Simon is a real guy's name. They post under numerous names and their purposes are to make the original poster look foolish.

I had the great misfortune to stumble upon this site and post my bad experience with Target. I have been attacked since my original complaint posted. They have even gone as far as calling my intentions questionable and a pedifile. so if you continue to pursue your position, be prepared.

Nevertheless, please read the comments about the horrible return policies at Target and their lack of customer service. You will see that you are not alone. Whether or not you decide to shop at Target, you would be well warned to beware of their tactics in getting your money. Once they have it in hand, it is next to impossible to get it back if you encounter any question or problem with the merchandise. BEWARE

And in turn, Merry Christmas to you, too.


Wow. I thought this was a website where consumers could simply express their disappointment. This is why I normally stay away from these types of forums. Your comments are rude and show lack of class. I hope the next time you have a less than favorable experience, no one talks to you that way.

It really does amaze me how people talk to one another. Even in my annoyance with Target, I never spoke to them with disrespect or raised my voice.

Five years old? I am not a little girl - I am a hardworking, married women with a little boy. A loyal customer means I shop there because I enjoyed giving them my business. I never said I wouldn't shop there again or that I was boycotting them.

Merry Christmas.


If a company states to value their customer's satisfaction, then they need to honor returns as they state. I'm sure they don't need my money. Loyalty should mean something to a company.

BBB may not solve anything, but most companies don't like to see their name on it.

It wasn't exactly an impulsive purchase. I did want a coffee maker. I then changed my mind and didn't think it'd be a big deal to return an unused item the same day with a receipt.

Also, Target did do something about the situation - they took the item back after I was given a consumer line. So I am thankful for that, but I am just letting others know to be aware of their new policies. Target will be getting a lot of returns after the holiday season and I feel they were a bit more difficult than their competitors.


I love that 3rd paragraph. But I spend $10,000 here a day, I'm special! Pretending to be a diva is a key component to any whiney complaint. Anyway, that's beside the point...

Actually in my opinion, the store probably should have returned the item, but returns are done at the store's discretion. You shouldn't buy things and return them because the store might not take them back. Just don't be such an impulsive shopper. You wanted the coffee maker in the first place, so just use it. You're the one who wanted it.

The BBB is 100% powerless. If Target does anything about this situation, it'll be completely voluntary.

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