I recieved 2 $30 baby bouncers for my baby shower that I registered for. I recieved them as gifts and did not recieve gift reciepts for either of them. When I went to return them, I was told their return policy had changed and I was only going to be able to get a maximum of $20 for the baby bouncer that cost $30 and was unopened and in brand new condition.

I understand stores must have return policies, but what is the point of registering if it does me no good?

I will no longer shop at Target and before anyone else does, they should think about if the need to return the item arises, is it over $20? Because if it is, you will only get $20 back if you need to return it!

There is also absolutely no point in registering there. You are basically generating income to Target by bringing your friends and family into the store to spend money on items on your registry but they don't thank you for that, the return policy remains the same if it's on your registry or not.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I don't blame it on "the thieves" - that is lame. I blame greedy Target corporate heads.

The gift registry (which indeed will SHOW that items have been purchased!) should count as a receipt. Target could easily do this and give the registrants store credit gift cards - it is what many other stores with registry options do! Target is being *** - they lose way more money irritating consumers this way. They have from me.

I had an awesome experience with Bed Bath & Beyond registering for my wedding and doing a couple of returns. Now I am now a loyal customer there and think to shop there way more than I would have if my experience hadn't been so good. My bad experience with Target registry returns, while not surprising, was still very irritating.

So now I limit my shopping there to the absolute minimum. So their "saving" of about $30 on an item I couldn't return has now cost them about $2000 in business and counting.

to Beanie Taipei, Tai-Wan, Taiwan, Province Of China #628855

WHY should a gift registry count as a receipt????? It isn't.

$2,000? Seriously???

to Targeteer New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #629084

Hummm, wedding gifts costing $2,000.00? Targeteer - isn't that ridiculous?

Advice to Beanie: Give any other different store $2,000.00 in business. I'll assure you that you'll be treated with civility!


I received a Polaroid Digital Picture frame for Christmas. Tried it.

The device would not upload pictures from the computer (no USB function). Tried to return item in original package, with receipt, two weeks after purchase. I was told it had been "used." The manager refused to meet with me or provide his name.

Customer Service said their job is to back the store managers. Tell your friends: Do Not Shop at Target!

to Gus Taipei, Tai-Wan, Taiwan, Province Of China #628852

Was the camera SUPPOSED to have a USB function? If yes and it's not working then its returnable IF it was purchased within 45 days of receipt.

If camera does not come with USB function but you used it anyways, then learn to love your camera.

It's been used and not returnable. Read up on it BEFORE using it.

to Targeteer New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #629076

Perfect answer to problem - don't shop at Target! There, all fixed!!

Other stores knock themselves out to please their customers. Go somewhere else to shop!

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #30559

Acually clexeus it was rude for your friends not to give the gift receipts.

Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany #29946

My sons were given shorts for their birthday but, they were way too small. The shorts were from Target, had the tags on them, price and all.

I took them to Target and told them that all I wanted to do was exchange the shorts for the correct size. I was told that without a receipt I couldn't do that. I told them that the shorts were a gift and I didn't have a receipt.

They would not let me get the correct size shorts (therefore my sons never were able to wear the shorts) and then told me from now on to tell all my friends and family to include the receipt with the gift. RUDE!!!!!

Crewe, England, United Kingdom #18996

I received a Polaroid Personal DVD Player as a gift when I went into the hospital last November. It worked for exactly 7 weeks.

I am an adult and used the product carefully.

(Polaroid is a POS) When I went to return it, I was told they had a 45 day return policy and too dang bad. I will NEVER buy anything from Target again.

Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States #18263

They need better security then since it isn't ok for them to allow people to steal items and then USE THEM either. If someone receives a toaster as a gift and they'd like to exchange it for a blender... it isn't likely a scam as if that were true..they'd have just stole the blender.

Henrico, Virginia, United States #16205
It is completely understandable that a company such as Target would have a strict return policy. But their return policy is ridiculous.

If someone comes and registers at your store for a wedding or baby, they have the potential of making the company a lot of money. As I have just recently done! Then you receive duplicates due to lack of employee training (i.e. lack of their employees knowledge to remove items from a registry) or a slow computer system that cannot keep up as fast as customer’s purchase.

If Target wants to keep it’s customers walking through the doors changes have to be made. They need to look at other retail stores such as Dillards or Lowes. Dillards puts a proof of purchase sticker on every piece of merchandise that is purchased and that is your receipt. You return an item no questions asked.

Lowes tracks every item purchase by either a driver’s license number or phone number. I just had a wedding and am now going through the hassle with Target.

After I get all of my duplicates exchanged and gift cards spent, I will never walk through the doors of a Target again! :(
to Brides Against Target Taipei, Tai-Wan, Taiwan, Province Of China #628853

Then buy ALL your stuff at Lowes and go to bed happy. It's up to the PURCHASER to tell the cashier that the item is from a gift registry. Place blame where it belongs.

to Targeteer New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #629071

The brides can't very well do that IF THEY WILL NEVER WALK THROUGH THE DOORS OF TARGET AGAIN, dumb - o *****!

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #16176

You don't understand the reason for their return policy. You see like I told your husband there are bad people in this world that will claim they got a gift and try to return it when they picked it off the shelf.

You shoud be glad they are giving you $20.

Blame the thieves, if you know a thief/scammer tell them to stop. Maybe by the time your baby has a baby they will go back to trusting people if everyone stops.

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