"5 days too late" is what the manager said when we asked to price match the identical piece of patio furniture we bought April 20th. Too bad there was nowhere on the ticket that stated Target's return policy, only a statement indicating an "expiration" date in June.

Seems to me Target's going to lose customers if they don't have a more generous policy than that. I don't plan to shop there again right away anyway since I can get identical items at Wal-Mart, CVS, or Walgreens that I generally buy at Target. Have other shoppers experienced issues with Target's stringent price match policy?

If so, let's do something about it!

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I think the funny part about this complaint is that the OP thinks any other retailer will give an adjustment for something after more than days.


Since random has so many negative things to say about Target I am going to assume that he was fired from Target. Either that or they ruined his life because he stole bras from them being a transsexual.

You assume because these people side with Target that they work for Target. Your granddaughter must be ten times smarter than you if you assume this. The main point is this supposed adult is throwing a temper tantrum like a five year old because they won't bend the rules for him.

The loser that made this complaint. Frankly Target could care less if they lose his business.


touchy target employees, trolling websites to stick it to their customers! Nice job target employees! you are all clearly better than all of your lowly customers!


if you need to act like a loser and return something for no reason or a *** reason, you should have found out the return policy ahead of time. but oh well, you were 5 minutes late.

just because you're a big baby that probably had tears in their eyes when they couldn't return their product doesn't mean you get special treatment.

deal with and no one is going to "do something about it" with a *** like you. I'll gladly give you a tissue for your tears though.


Exactly what Simon stated: When you checked out, you were not scammed or tricked into paying the price that was presented. If you thought it was too high, you shouldn't have purchased it.


You still have an item that you paid an amount you thought was fair. This is a pretty asinine complaint.


The "expiration" date, 90 days from point of purchase, is the return period. If you turned the receipt over and looked on the back, it explains that.

You are correct when saying there is nothing on the receipt for price matching, but the rule for target on that is two weeks.

You could have asked someone at checkout/guest service to explain the price match policy to you. We're not mind readers, you have to open your mouth and ask if you have questions.

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