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I purchased an item on line from Target that was a clear cover for an outdoor greenhouse. We didn't open it right away because it wasn't the right weather for using it.

When I recently opened it, it was not clear but silver.

Target refused to exchange it because it was 4 days past their return policy timeline. It was there mistake not mine. I called their number for customer service, she was a real ***. I then wrote a letter to the President of the company.

Someone responded but would do nothing.

It cost me $100 plus $20 for shipping. They have lost me as a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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If the product is not needed immediately.Don't purchase it and Think you can return it when you like.***.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #613736

How a retailer handles a merchandise sale is no less important than how the retailer handles the return of that same merchandise. Customer unfriendly policies which make a gift return difficult or impossible can cause a retailer to lose two customers, if both the gift recipient is inconvenienced, and the gift giver is embarassed.

Retailers wanting to make enemies and lose customers in their own operation can adopt some or all of these return worst practices. This is the countdown to the worst of the 2008 holiday season's gift return policies from major US retailers.

Target, Gift Return Worst Policies

Some items purchased at cannot be returned to a Target store. But gift givers won't know for sure which items are store returnable and which items are not until after the purchase is made.

Target and also will not accept returns for items without a receipt or gift receipt. You'll get no store credit, no exchanges, and no exceptions with this gifter unfriendly return policy.

Target doesn't do exchanges either. You have to return an item, get a refund, and then repurchase the replacement you want. Besides the hassle and time involved with this non-exchange policy, customers who conduct all transactions by mail will have the added bonus of paying all the shipping charges both ways with this redundant process.

After being told that I was going to be accessed a $5 exchange penalty on a CD return that I know cost $11.99 BY THE GIFTER. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! I HOPE THEY ENJOY THEIR $5! I HAVE SPENT THOUSANDS THERE IN THE PAST. I AM CLOSING MY TARGET CHRAGE AND WILL NEVER BE BACK!


Aw, HAW NICE!! You speak ignorant, too.


UHHH - Guest, could you translate your message into English, please?


Come on Annonymus, you are so delayed, dont bother Target, they only do their work which is perfect, in my personal opinion. You suck as a customer, thank to their policies, you are no longer their customer, that's goor for them...


I would like to see the older product returned on the newer sales receipt. I think if you operate within their requirements, it's only fair and reasonable.


Do you mean "holiday" lights?

Just so you no, "holiday" is December 25th.


I have a friend that buys christmas lights, switches his old burnt out lights for the new ones in the box then returns them.


Is Target laying off employees? At Christmas, i mean, holiday?


So it's Target's fault it took you 94 days to return an item? Come on, how about a little accountability here?

Aside from Sam's or Costco, I can't think of any retailer that would return an item after 94 days and rightfully so.

Even if you don't plan on using an item for several months, you should still open it and inspect the item after purchasing. I know I don't want to buy an item that spent 3 months in someone's house.


Horror! If one person gets decent treatment, then others would expect it too!

Funny how all the other retail stores work with their customers for satisfaction. Wonder how they stay in business?


Why can't the customer buy something in advance of a season if Target sells it before the season begins? Why can't Target take back the product and place it back on sale and give the customer a sales credit?

Why can't Target work with their customers, particularly when it is the fault is theirs in the first place? Why doesn't Target concern itself with customer satisfaction instead of being so intoleratant with their rigid policies?


Target has a 90 day return policy... that's 1/4th of the year. Why are you buying something an entire season in advance when you don't need it?

Not only that, but why didn't you even look at it?

Target has one of the longest return windows for retail stores, so good lucky fixing that problem anywhere else.


I had a very similar experience with Target. Shopping at Target is impossible if you must have follow up service.

Their policies are too extreme and their customer service is all but nonexistent.

While it is clear that all retail stores need to have guidelines in their practices, Target is unyielding and uncaring about its selling techniques or their customers. The only good thing about Target is staying away!

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