I purchased a bed skirt (complete king set) at target.

The bed skirt did not fit the bed type, and I wanted to return it to purchase another set of king sheets and pillow shams.

Since I did not have a receipt and they could not find the charge on my credit card (I think I purchased with cash). They would not return it for a gift card ...I did not want my money back, but wanted to spend more money. Since the bed skirt was over $35 dollars the corporate policy was no return. So if I spent less money I would get a credit, but since I spent more, I was rejected.

Well Target lost my business today, and probably forever.

Very short sided corporate policy!!!!

Monetary Loss: $54.

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Austin, Texas, United States #738609

Why don't people hold on to their receipts? HOLD ON TO YOUR RECEIPT.

It's silly for people to expect a place of business to just return any old item without a receipt or any proof AT ALL that it was even purchased in the first place. Consumers need to be responsible.


Target's return policy is very anti-consumer. We received a beautiful gift from our neice for Christmas and needed to return it.

She had not included a gift receipt and we did not want to bother her for it - she may not have had it and I don't think that they are very upfront that they are needed.

All we wanted was a gift card so we could shop more. Hello is anyone home in Minneapolis at their headquarters.

I will continue to tell all my friends to limit their shopping at Target.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #26498

Anne, if she is not old enough to hold on to a receipt then she is not old enough to shop alone. She needs a parent with her, or atleat one to take care of her stuff since she is not mature enough to handle the responsibility.

If this child wants to return the bed skirt then she should have been more careful with her receipt. If this were an adult posting this than they would take responsibility for their actions and admit that they lost the receipt so they are out of luck.

I feel sorry for your twins Anne because obviously you are a young mother. Are you even married or are you just some unwed teen mother?

London, England, United Kingdom #25846

keep your receipts you can also check the size before you leave the store. i know it pretty much *** off everybody who works there because you opened the bag because they have to spend 15-30 minutes repacking the item and possibly having to damage it out( at a loss to target ) but hey at least you get the right thing and avoid that dreaded return trip.

are you a happy consumer now. ohh i give up.

London, England, United Kingdom #25845

buy target gift cards it usually totally avoids this return policy.

Huntingdon, England, United Kingdom #25278

There are many times when you receive a gift from Target and no one includes a gift receipt. Instead of being forced to hold onto an item that you don't need nor want, it would be great to return it for credit towards something you want/need.

I recently had twins and recieved so many items from Target that I either did not want or like. I am now forced to hold onto them. I loose out and so does the person who purchased the gift for me.

I have definitely shopped Target a lot less since I discovered this policy. To those of you with the comments about her being childish for losing her receipt, find something better to do with your time.

Unionville, Virginia, United States #24478

I totaly agree with trevor. Keep your receipts customers.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #23948

That is why I suggested that this child give the receipt to her parents so when she need it it is not lost. If you are not old enough to take care of your things and admit your fault then someone need to help you keep track of your stuff.

Jamshog, Blekinge Lan, Sweden #23616

I mean come on.

You loose the receipt that yours fault.

And other people who can't find the time to come back into the store within 90 days before your receipt expires also have no excuse. Seriously!

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #23562

When are you children going to learn that no receipt means no returns. There are many complaint's on here about people not being allowed to return items because they don't have a receipt. If you can't hold on to a receipt ask your parents to keep it safe for you.

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