Last year I registered for my wedding with Target because I have always been happy with the service and products. Until now.

In July my uncle sent my wedding gifts via mail as he lives out of state. However, I was unaware that these gifts were delivered because I never got them. We only became aware of their existence when my uncle called to see if we liked them. They were stolen from my front door.

The reason my husband and I know that these gifts were stolen is because upon calling Target customer service we were informed that one of the gifts had actually been returned to the store for store credit. Obviously, we were not the ones who returned the gift. WE have been given the run around and passed off to every department. Target must think that we are trying to pull a fast one on them when the truth is that we no longer want the camera or even store credit.

Just the money refunded to my uncle for Target's lack of security when it comes to returns. The package included the gift registry which would make it easy to claim the gift was the thief's with no request for ID. My husband and I are feel that this has been the worst case of customer service and plan on making this known via whatever media possible. Also, we are consulting the EEOC in regards to our treatment.

Perhaps if my Uncle's last name was not of Hispanic origin he would have been taken more seriously. Neither myself nor my family will be shopping with Target.

Once my automatic prescription refill has lapsed I will be taking my business elsewhere. What is more, the 8 people (family and friends) that my husband and I know that are getting married within the next year will not be registering with Target.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #1302093

Look, you don't hate and despise Target as much as I do.

If their stock crashed and they filed for bankruptcy, I would be delighted.

I hate them with the heat of 10,000 white hot suns.

But saying that I will have to go with the fact that this was not their fault.

We are seeing overwhelming evidence that delivered package theft is already at out of control levels in this country. There are thieves who actually follow UPS trucks as they make deliveries, so that they can steal packages that were left without a signature.

Fullerton, California, United States #1302025

Why do people play the race card and ruin their letter?

Yonkers, New York, United States #1302010

What the *** does your ethnicity have to do it. Get over yourself!

Mariaheide, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands #446301

@(You're an A-hole ) (LOL)

It's now Target's fault because UPS or the Post Office told her/him to go away.


And this is Target's fault because...?

And trying (failing) to play the race card makes you a horr ible los er


I was given a clock radio for Xmas. I wanted to exchange it for one that didn't have as bright of light.

I was told that even though it was bought within 30 days that it had gone on clearance and had no value. Since I didn't have the receipt there is no recourse.

I have a present that I can't exchange, get store credit or a refund and it was bought within 30 days. Is that crazy?


Target will only give a store credit for up to $70 for the entire year without a receipt...even when they know the item is from their store and even when they know the item is brand new. So If you have an item worth more than $70.00 you will not get store credit for it at all...or you can just accept that even if the item is worth $100.00, $200.00, $250.00-whatever, you will only get credit for $70.00.

You can exchange it for another item, but only in that same department...that is, if there is anything of equal value available that you want...and good luck with that. I will personally, always ask that I never receive presents from Target again because of their return policy. Other stores will accept returns when they know the item belongs to them and they will accept returns at whatever price they are currently selling for. They will either give store credit-regardless of the amount, or they will give a refund.

Target totally takes advantage of people not having gift receipts. They are a mega-billion dollar corporation taking advantage of the average person on a daily basis...even when they know the items being returned belong to them and are brand new, and or have never been opened.

Call the package company and blame them! Target did what you wanted.

If they didn't return stuff, you'd be on here complaining about their return policy! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

"Perhaps if my Uncle's last name was not of Hispanic origin he would have been taken more seriously!"

Really? I think I'm going to be sick.


I don't understand how this is Target's fault. They shipped it out on their end.

The delivery driver placed it on your front door which they should not have done.

A person can return merchandise without a receipt by showing their ID. How would Target have any idea this was yours and once again how is it their responsibility when they had nothing to do with it being stolen as that was someone elses negligence?

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