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I received an iPod Nano for Christmas a few years ago, and with it was a 3 year extended warranty plan from Target, which was $20, that promised to repair the iPod in the event of any damage over the next 3 years so long as there is no physical or liquid damage.

Long story short, before about 3 weeks ago, I had to send the iPod in 4 times. The warranty promises to refund the purchase price if you have to send it in 3 times for the same problem. The first 4 times were 4 different problems. Whatever, it was repaired, no complaints.

Now, 2 weeks ago. I have to send it in again for a problem I had previously (Everything on the screen was mirrored and flipped upside down). I sent it in, received it back a few days later. They refused to fix it, said my warranty is no longer valid, and thats that, with basically no detail.

So, I call the place (Logistics) with the number they provided me. After about 5-10 minutes on hold, I talk to someone and ask him whats going on. He tells me they found liquid damage in the unit, which voids the warranty.

First of all, I never got any liquid in the unit. I know some people will think "Oh, I probably got some water in there sometime" and move on. However, this is the 5th time I sent it in, which means the liquid damage must have occurred between the 4th return and the 5th shipment. This period of a few months did not involve any liquid contact with the unit.

It's rather convenient that this "test" only came up positive once I sent the item in for the same problem a second time which would put me in a position to get a refund if it happened again, and never came up positive while I was getting different issues. Now, I have an iPod with a load of problems, no warranty, and $20 wasted.

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Your plan administrator, NEW Corp, is only liable for repairs up to the purchase price of the unit. Also, their "no lemon" has to be the same issues over and over.

You were screwed.

Contact Target's Executive Team. This issue is reoccuring and they need to hear it.


@Simon I feel the need to re-clarify, they only refund it if you experience the SAME EXACT ISSUE 3 times. I experienced 4 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT issues. There is absolutely no reason for me to intentionally do this even if I knew how to.


"The warranty promises to refund the purchase price if you have to send it in 3 times for the same problem."

Right there. You wanted your money back after using it for 3 years. Like I said, nice try.


@Simon, I can't believe you think I did anything I shouldn't have done. Yes, I had to send it in for 4 different problems, ranging from the screen being completely white to freezing issues and the upside down, mirrored screen.

The fact is, EVEN IF somehow, liquid managed to find its way into the device, it was the second time I had that problem so it couldn't have been caused by it, and they are just trying to save themselves money by skipping out on their responsibility.

Also, even if I knew how to intentionally damage my device in a way they wouldn't detect, why would I do it 4 times for 4 different problems? How does that benefit me at all?


It's rather convenient that at the end of your warranty, "something" goes wrong with your Ipod 4 times (yeah right) and you try to get a new one for free. I would say that you are the one trying to commit fraud and I'm glad it blew up in your face.

Nice try though.

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