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This is the way I have experienced Target's customer service and guest relations to work: Target makes and error, the customer complains, Target calls an 800 # and gets no resolution to the problem and the problem remains unsolved. The Target local store gives the customer the 800 #'s and guest relations contact information.

The customer phones these #'s and gets treated poorly on the phone and the issues and problem is not addressed or solved. The customer puts in writing the complaint and asks to be contacted by someone that can rectify the problem and solve the complaint issues. No one calls. Guest relations writes a standard form reply back to the customer ...

with words like "this will be used to train our employees" or "looking forward to serving you again soon" and nothing is resolved. Guest relations gives the customer other 800 #'s to call and also tells the customer to contact the store. The problem is then circular. Nothing has been solved.

No resolution has been found.

The customer has gotten no help from guest relations, "corporate", the store, the 800 #'s and the customer now wants to not shop Target anymore and will explain this experience to other potential shoppers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Vero Beach, Florida, United States #953882

How about stop trying to be cute with all this "the customer" stuff and maybe make it a little more plain in what actually happened.

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