I called the Target store in Brandon, Fl on Bloomingdale to ask if they would hold 2 clearence items valued over $500 until I got there on my lunch which was only 2 hours away....only to be told by Gail that they would not hold clearence items. I said well I will be there in less than 2 hours and it's over a $500 sale.

Oh well guess they are not hurting for the sale!!!

I went somewhere else and bought the item, paid a little more but, whatever!!!This is not my only bad experience there!!! Registered there for Housewarming and Baby and their return policy Sucks!!!

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That's what Target gets for firing me! I've started an internet crusade against them. My doctor tells me I should just get over it already, but I just can't let it go.


Previously NARC YOU OUT - Some corwadly person has taken my screen name and is setting forth lies about my position with Target. Henceforth, I will no longer post to the Narc you out name, but will become Anonymous.

Everything you should read about Narc you out after 9/2/11 is a continuing lie by some anonymous thief.

It is very comical that these people with such strong opinions to insult every poster to PissedConsumer.com but without enough fortitude to identify themselves without stealing someone else's name. It only goes to steel me in my conviction that the defenders of the Target chain are representative of Target itself.


Jokes on you because I work at that target and last Sunday we had a $155,000 day. Not hurting without you and I would rather keep the white trash out anyways


Although I have asked them to hold clearance and been denied as well, I understand that it is for fairness to everybody. I don't have any privilege over any other customer in the store. I respect that about Target.


You do realize that if a customer went to Target to buy those clearance items and they were told "Sorry, we're holding these for someone else", they would be filing this complaint and not you? In this case Target is damned if they do and damned if they don't.

I've never understood why people think a phone call should take precedence over a customer willing to pay now.


It is not unusual for a retailer to not hold items (clearance or otherwise). I have seen cases where people call to have an item held, insisting they will be in within 1 hour, and at the end of the day they have not showed.

In that 2 hours before you got to the store someone with "cash in hand" could come in to buy them. If you really wanted the items that badly, perhaps you could have purchased them over the phone and then picked them up later.


Welcome to the growing number of complaints being listed against this company. Your complaint will certainly enlighten many folks about the terrible way people are treated at Target.

Please warn everyone you know, family, friends and acquaintences to stay from this store. Their intention is not to work with the customer - it is to take advantage of one.

Thanks for your listing. It will help many people decide that in today's economy, when a dollar means a lot to all of us, that there are other institutions that are much more accommodating and cordial to their customers.

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