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I purchased a spiral pop-up laundry hamper from Target for $12.99.It says it holds up to 3 loads of laundry.

I filled it with about 3 loads: towels, sheets, underwear, socks, 2 pairs of jeans. This was not heavy, certainly less than 20 lbs. When transporting this laundry to the laundromat, within 2 hours of buying it, the straps broke! This is a poorly-made, cheap Made in China item that is not worth $1.99!

I called Target's home office and they promised to let their buyers know.

I said why not buy well-made laundry hampers, maybe Made in U.S ?They promised to look into it, and advised me to return the item to the store for a full refund, which I will do.


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Gia that was my point exactly.I have since then bought several really good hampers at other stores and they held up.

Target, in all fairness, did refund the money. As for the little twerp part-time cashier who kept up a running commentary, I imagine he went on to bigger and better things.

He's mopping floors at Target now!:grin


Not that spending 1.99 will break the bank but if you times that by thousands, Target has made its money at the expense of poorly made merchandise that consumers end up paying for because they have no choice but to buy cheaply made products - that ends up ripping them off in the long run.

IN the last year, I've bought 3 or 4 different Target items that have either been defective out of the package or failed within moments of using. Two examples:

I bought a package of mens sports socks for around 10 bucks ( 3 pairs to the pack) and when my husband put on a pair - found that there was a hole in the toe area of one of the socks. New socks. And more recently; I bought a pack of Christmas cards. 18 cards, 7 dollars. The first 5 cards were fine. Pretty snow scene with glitter on the front. The rest of the cards...there was glue with the glitter in the wrong place streaked across the center of the picture on all the rest.

So now after driving to Target, shopping, getting my cards ready to send out and wasting 7 bucks, I now have to take the defective messy cards back to a clerk who will likely argue that they can't give me back my money since I used 5 of the cards already.

The point is that Target is not responsibly using Quality controls; more than likely because fabrication of most of their products are made outside the USA. They are passing underpar items through and then allowing customers to eat the losses.

I would much rather pay a little more for something of quality than to pay less and get *** merchandise. Not to mention how many jobs leave the USA and all the while we have millions out of work here. Shameful.


you're still a twerp who will never be anything more in life but a cashier; now you're a cowardly twerp!


Quote=”Target's crappy laundry hamper”

“As for the twerp cashier: it's odd that you would not reveal which Target you work at.”

T0325. (You’ve the first to ask me).


final update: I returned the hamper to Target for a full refund, and will now look on-line for a better-made, sturdier product.

As for the twerp cashier: it's odd that you would not reveal which Target you work at. You are obviously afraid that you would be fired for your sarcastic remarks. Get a life twerp!


thank you for your intelligent and courteous response: I do realize that Target is not 100% at fault, and I will certainly return this item for an exchange.

Meanwhile, you might want to know that you have a little twerpy cashier who seems to think he is clever.Instead of addressing the issue, he devoted pages to sarcastic unprofessional remarks about my original comment.

I'm sure he is not representative of your staff; he missed the point of this website entirely; and imagines himself as the official Defender of Target. I guess he has very little in his cashier life, and he likely scours websites like this for any mention of "Target", so that he can somehow justify his life.

This is the type that does nothing for the company because they are so self-absorbed.Thanks again for your professional imput.


This would've been a lot more helpful to know the brand of the hamper, not just that it was bought at Target, we sell many brands as I'm sure you know. While we certainly want to hear if our products aren't satisfactory and correct the defect, some of the blame is on the manufacturer as well, Target simply doesn't have the time/staffing to test every single product that comes through our doors. And allowing returns of defective merchandise helps us avoid it in the future.


OK Target cashier I understand how important it is for you to have the last word.I imagine it gives you some kind of meaning in your cashier life, so here goes: go ahead and get that LAST WORD in, then scurry back to your cashier life.

After all, with hard work and determination, who knows, MAYBE some day, you will be head cashier!

BIG drum roll please!BYE>


Quote=” J”

“OK little cashier Let's do try AGAIN.”

Okay, that would be me (again). Looks like I’m the only one humoring you by posting.

Quote=” J”

“This is a site for consumers to vent their experiences with products and services.”


Quote=” J”

“Since you work for Target (AS A (GULP!) CASHIER!), you're opinion is already biased, or don't you see that?”

Of course it’s biased! Duh! However, it’s still mine (not the company’s opinion)

Quote=” J”

“(Probably not, you're a cashier).”

What do you have against cashier’s? Do bring any first hand experience of retail sales to this discussion?

Quote=” J”

“Anyway, this (sic) a teachable moment for you, Mr. Target cashier:”

We’re established that I’m a part time cashier at a Target store, repeatedly saying so doesn’t change anything, does it?

Quote=” J”

“I don't need to give you ANY number, since YOU can't do anything;”

If you had the DPCI number of the item that you are complaining about handy I could see if we have one in the store. I’m interesting is seeing what $19.99 buys, and if you’ve got a strong case that the item is, what did you call it? “Target's crappy laundry hamper”.

Quote=” J”

“if you go back and carefully (sic) read my comments again (go ahead, we'll wait the 30 minutes), you will see that I spoke to the HOME OFFICE and gave THEM all the info.”

Good for you, I’m sure corporate folks hear from guests with sob stories all the time. Wouldn’t your time have been better spent returning the unwanted (and now damaged) item to the Target store where you bought it, or even another Target store, for a full refund?

Quote=” J”

“Do you have it, now? Do you understand? HMMMMM probably not.”

Let me see. You bought an inexpensive item that did serve your needs, you complained to the company’s headquarters, and they suggested returning it to a local store for a refund. Meanwhile, you came to an unregulated consumer complain site to post anonymously about how Target mistreated you, and the only person to respond to your message was… (drum roll, please!) A Target cashier? Oh, the irony.


Quote= “J”

“you actually admit that you're a cashier at Target????”

Yes. Why would I not?

Quote= “J”

“You really are pathetic!”

You’re welcome to your opinion. After all, I’m not the one that posted this earlier today:

“Written by Target's crappy laundry hamper, on 02-12-2009 14:27

This is my last word on this product, addressed to that sad individual who felt so compelled to tell me what how (sic) I, as the consumer was at fault for even buying this defective product: you apparently work for Target or one of their affiliates.”

Your credibility is wearing thin, right?

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