Do not use Target's Baby Registry.

I bought $200.00 worth of baby gifts for a registrant at Target. Target has not updated their baby registry for over a week.

I've taken my receipt back to the store I shopped at in hopes that an employee (or the manager) could update the registry list. No luck.

I then called Target's corporate office and asked for a supervisor. The supervisor said she would update the registry within 3 hours. It's been 4 days and the list still isn't updated.

Why have an online registry if it isn't updated??

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #161216

May I help you Find something, who goes under many usernames is a ex Target worker. That is why he keeps defending Target, lately he was fired. Don't see him here defending Target since he got fired.


Target's "online" registry is quite infuriating... Such a failure... the purpose behind having a registry to to have it updated right?

Totally bogus.

Target, you suck.


@Ash Please tell me what a computer glitch is. Been in IT for over 10 years now. Haven't figured that one out yet.

OH I think you might mean a bad script in an SQL statement? Gosh why didn't you just say that?

why does it have to be someone else's fault when YOU do something *** or have high unrealistic expectations?

"employees being neglectful" You mean like not putting the FAQ's on every single page in bright colors blinking with fireworks going off around it? Yah OK.

Ash you are yet another ***.


@May I Help You Find Something?

You RAWK!! Love reading your posts.

I'll be home in December and there is a big Target colse to where my parents live. I'll be visiting and shopping!


I understand exactly where you are coming from.. luckily I didn't have that problem last year when I was registered for my shower.

There may have been a computer glitch or something, or it may just be employees being neglectful.

I would definitely call again.

I was checking my registry quite often and everything was being updated within 24 hours of something being purchased. That's how it should work, so no gifts are doubled.


Quote = “is a disaster”

“Do not use Target's Baby Registry.”

Why? You’ve told us what you did, but not why anyone reading this should listen. Please explain.

Quote = “is a disaster”

“Why have an online registry if it isn't updated??”

There are many reasons why the registry has not been updated. A simple system error could be the cause. Why is it so important that you have an instant update?

The FAQ for the Target Baby Registry states:

“It’s a good idea to register five to six months before your expected arrival date, or at least two months before your baby shower. That way, your family and friends will have plenty of time to access your registry.”


“Your registry is active from a few minutes after you register until 90 days after the event date on your registry.”

Seems that your expectations are unrealistic, or did I miss something?

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