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I've been checking out the Walmart and Target complaints lately, and I've noticed that almost ALL of them have comments written right after, claiming to have been posted by the OP as an after thought.

Now let me explain something I learned recently. Apparently, some companies will hire people to go online and say good things about them. You know, give positive reviews certain places, just hype them up in general". Usually, this is done under the guise of being a consumer|. These employees also defend the company to negative online posts,.

After reading a bunch of legit complaints, followed by an "afterthought" comment of the "OP", saying things like really they were drunk so that's what they REMEMBER happening, or that really they were trying to scam Walmart, or that their daughter who was recently fired from Target was constantly late for work and sometimes did not show up and did not bother calling. but how could Walmart or Target know? I think it's pretty clear what is going on;. One of these online make-Walmart or Target -look-good people is pretending to be these posters and making up things to make their complaints look uncredible, and make the OPs look like fools;. I do not think this is ethical, or even legal,. I think it's rather disgusting and sneaky as well, and not the behavior of an honest company;. Take a look for yourself'. Someone even caught that happening, and wrote another comment saying the absurd one's weren't them, but the original post was.

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OP, you can't ask people to stop posting because you're tired of the argument.

Don't start something you can't finish. And don't make claims that you can't back.



"Impersonation is illegal, identity theft, but face it you are not using your real name here, just some alias so they don't care."

To be identity theft you have to HAVE an identity to steal.

EVERYONE on here is posting on some level of anonymity - that's called the internet.

No laws were broken. You all are immature and this post isn't even a problem with Target.

They do not hire people to post online as it is completely untraceable. Not only that, but they hardly concern themselves with complaints of people on here because most of the complaints are completely ludicrous.

You all are acting like children. "Father of Triplets", you are attacking teenagers in a covert way like a high schooler. The others that are posting personal insults are almost as bad.

Everyone - grow up!


Quite to the contrary, I believe laws are being broken here. It is time for investigating the rules of this site and the laws covering them. I have no intention of dealing with the "kids" because I believe this deception runs far deeper than its employee/posters.


Don't think so, and don't believe it. Further, misrepresenting this website is cause to shut it down.


I believe your assumption is correct, but I do believe it is more incidious than you suspect. Please refer to my comments on "Walmart's Participation in Slander".

I believe that this artificial contraversy is instigated by itself. I have yet to see any genuine moderator or inspector review these sites and intervene into the slanderous statements made by these "children".

It is becoming apparent that at least some of these 13 and 14 year olds are employed by a company in the interest of creating artificial contraversy in an effort to keep this site vital. I believe like you that these matters should be investigated by some legal authority as it is not being run as it is represented.


Didn't you just slander both companies? There is no way you know if that is true or not.


This post was not true when it was directed at Walmart alone and is still not true. No reality here, just ongoing blather.

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