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I had ordered a catchers mit for my 9 year old son who was told he would be catching his first game Saturday. With that in mind he had a gift card to Target and wanted to buy his own glove and would not allow me to pay. Noting the sense of pride in purchasing his own equipment we went online to order his glove which was an "on-line only" item from Target. He paid for 2 day delivery (an additional $18.95 charge) to make sure that he had it in time. A confirmation was sent saying that the glove would arrive on May 19. Perfect - his game was May 21. On Thursday May 19 he dashed from his bus stop looking for his new glove - it wasn't there. I went online to check the status and it said that the glove had shipped on the 18th. No problem in my mind as the game was the 21 and it was sure to be there on the 20 - right - 2 day delivery. I calmed my son letting him know everything would be fine. He insisted that the glove would get there that night since HE HAD paid for 2 day delivery. Eventually he fell asleep only to jump out of bed in the morning and rush to the front door to see if it had come while he was asleep. Not there. He went to school hoping that it would get there. In my angst I checked the website one more time and this time contacted UPS who is the shipping agent only to be told that the glove would not arrive until Monday and 2 day delivery was not requested by the shipper - Target. I contacted Target to make them aware of their mistake and that I would accept a replacement sent overnight so that he could have it by gametime Saturday. Target refused to ship it overnight stating that they did not have an overnight shipping option. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for 30 minutes. I guess they hoped that I would hang up but it was my drive home from work which takes an hour. When a supervisor reluctantly answered she made more excuses and offered to pay back the shipping charges - which I thought was big of her to offer to return money for a service that they failed to provide. That was as far as they were willing to go. I contacted their corporate offices and got the same response. All while a 9 year old sitting at the front door waiting for a glove that was not to come learned a harsh lesson about retail stores. They don't care about the customer!!! It could have taken nothing to package a glove and get it to FedEx and turn this story into one of exceptional service. Instead they denied responsibility even after being shown the email confirmation for 2 day shipping. Here is their string of email:

I'm sorry to hear you're still waiting for your order to arrive. It's

> disappointing to hear that you had such a trouble.


> Your order was probably delayed a day or two in shipping, so it should

> still be on its way.


> I'm issuing a refund of your shipping costs. A $19.69 credit should go

> through to your American Express card within the next 10 business days.


> If your order still hasn't shown up by May 23, 2011, use the link below to

> let us know so we can help.

The order was not held up in shipping. Look at the record. It was shipped

on the 18th. Someone on your end made a mistake on the shipping

instructions which is why I felt that you should have found a way to get it

to me overnight. Of course you will refund the money. Why would you keep

money for services that were not rendered! If I could have waited until the

23rd I would not have paid the money for 2nd day shipping! Not only has the

service regarding this order been poor but the response to the mistake is

abysmal. "How did we do" - terrible!

I understand that you aren't satisfied with our response, and I'm sorry that we've let you down.

Some items take a little longer to get ready for shipping depending on where we stock them and if they need special packaging. We're still doing everything we can to get your order out as soon as possible.

If your order still doesn't arrive by the end of May 23, 2011, use the link below to let us know so we can help.

We're always looking at ways to make even better and your comments are a big help to us. I'll make sure to share them with the right team.

Thanks for getting in touch with us. I hope your order arrives soon!

Monetary Loss: $78.

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Does this mean that you, LadyScot, are the new spokesman of Target?

Naples, Florida, United States #617336

2 day SHIPPING means they SHIP within 2 days, NOT that they DELIVER in 2 days. And if you order on a weekend, the 2 days becomes the NEXT business day.


A little know fact, Target.Com is not run by Target.


Yes, all my children have American Express cards. Don't yours?

Read the complaint, as it is one of the few well written ones on the web site. It states the son purchased it with a Target Gift Card.

How can you credit back a gift card? Obviously dad gave Target his Amex card to accept the credit.


Your son has an American Express card?

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