Purchased & shipped a $60 set of sheets for my daughter's brithday which was 70 days after purchase. Knowing of the 90 day return policy, I advised my daughter of that, but she was happy with them.

Since she was building a new house & didn't need them, she did not open them until after the 90 days. Upon opening, she washed them & put them on the bed to find slits throughout the top sheet about every 8 inches, obviously had been

cut with a box cutter. Store manager said he could make an exception to the rule if it were under $30, but not $60.

So, we are stuck with defective sheets & Target does not care about customer relations!!!

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I really hate targets return policy... i tried to return some earbuds..

but they are $45... *** :(

Anonymous, you're the queen of creepiness.

:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin
Jedi is the KING of lies!! :p :p

anonymous, not telling someone something is damaged until after you get a refund is the same as lying.

:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin
Jedi chastising someone for his perception of someone else lying!
:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

To ? from bossier city, louisiana, US

So basically you taught your child to lie to get what they wanted.

You were angry because they expected you to follow the rules. When your child lies to you don't get angry at him or her they are just copying your behaviour.

They learned from mommy or daddy that lying to get what you want is how you go around getting your way. Also if something such as following policies makes you angry it makes me wonder if your child is safe in your home with the anger issues you have.


I bought my child a swim vest; when I used the swim vest it was defective. I tried to return the vest one day after I purchased it and they wouldn't give me a refund.

They said I had to return it to the company that made it since it was defective. I was PISSED so I just returned it to another Target and got my money back. I told the first Target it was defective but I didn't tell the second Target it was defective until they gave me my money back. Just buy another set of sheets and return the sheets that some employee damaged with your brand new receipt that's not over 90 days.

I really do love Target! Ia'm there twice a week just don't understand their return policy!!!!!



just shut the f**k up already. you really don't have anything to say other than some long reply about how you hate Target. or a short reply because you forget what to say halfway through your typing. and blackdontcrack is MsLea pretending to be a victim of racism. so how are we similar? that's like me saying you're similar to BigBruce.

and MsLea, I'm a troll? yet you apparently go into Walmart and every local fast food joint daily to harass and criticize everyone you come across. but anyway, it really doesn't matter if there's imposters or not. mainly because your posts are made up stories. and by the way, I'm a he not a she.

and to the person from Michigan, you've got some good points. there are some good laughs on this site. a lot of laughs came from MsLea but she still keeps sticking to her fake stories. but then you have people like anonymous who always have a stick up their a$$, and probably literally too.


I'm not here for the defense of anon or MrsLea01 , I'm just stating facts. The majority of complaints on this board are legit although there are a few that are based on a persons inability to read the fine print or comprehend return policies.

That being said, my point is that I don't think a 12 year old has any place to judge a persons worth, whether they are a housewife or someone who eats at taco bell waaaay too much.

PS-Posting under someone elses name is a common practice (which even I have even done to add fuel to the thread because I'm bored) so don't act like like her accusations are completely out of place. You post another part to her story under her name (usually about beating her kid because of some infraction) and then respond to it as if she really wrote.

The hilarious part is when they actually do come back to defend themselves. The lesson in this rant is - post your complaint and then don't come back.


Well even if we are trolls you deserve to be trolled. All your reviews are bragging about treating retail and fast food workers like *** when you never had a job in your life.

You consider sitting on your fat A$$ all day and watching television being a "housewife". Again you can claim that Ihatedumbcustomers and I are using your username, but that is all circumstantial evidence. That just means you think we are guilty based on that evidence but have no proof. Yet when we claim that you are the same person who is making all those bogus reviews about racism you claim that we are wrong.

Why is it okay for you to make a claim like we are impersonating you and not us to claim that you and blackdontcrack are the same person? Do you get special treatment because of your husband's job. No you don't because to the rest of the world both you and him are nobody. Also when we find holes in your story you don't answer our questions.

Like how could you not know when the sale of the Patio set ended if your "husband" works at home office.

You either knew and could not get your fat butt off the couch and expected them to bend the rules for you because you are special and have a "husband" working at home office. Or you are lying and don't have a husband at all, and with your attitude I doubt you are married.


IHateStupidCustomers is more of the troll. She goes on people's posts and accuses them of being a fraud and being the same person.

I also do believe one of the people who has used my username and made fake posts about me had Boyerstown, PA as their location. Sounds like she is one of the imposters as well.



You actually want an answer from me? And who should reply:

Missippi creeper, ignorant little as$hole, anonymous psyco, simple minded (not to mention the names from the other sites, i.e., perve, etc)?????

Try Blackdontcrack - you're two of a kind!


I just love how Mississippi creeper loves to act like an ignorant little a$$hole by talking to the morons on this site like he's their best friend while acting like he's above anyone that disagrees with him and the complaints posted by his new buddies.

anonymous psycho, I agree that this COULD be a good site for people that want to complain about a company doing something terribly wrong to a loyal customer or just any customer for that matter. but do you really think good complaints are ones like oh I couldn't return this computer 5 months later, Walmart wouldn't honor their ad from 3 weeks ago that I found in an old newspaper or Best Buy told me that their not responsible for a manufacturer's warranty.

but anyway, while I do admit to joking around on this site once in a while and saying things that are offensive, their not really pranks.

it's called telling people how their acting. like you for example, you can't admit that you are simple minded to the point where you forget how to answer people's questions and you usually go way off topic. and you think every complaint is valid, even if it's something crazy like Target wouldn't accept my return for something that I bought at Walmart. at least I have the decency to admit how I've acted on this site and I'm capable of realizing what's right and what's wrong because I HAVE agreed with some complaints on here.

so what's your deal? or do you yet again not have anything to say that makes sense?

Howell, Michigan:
Thank you :) Thank you :) Thank you :)
When I located this site, I was delighted that there was a place to air our grievances against a retailer.
From that day until this, I've seen their counter-arguments posted on each and every site opposing the original poster. These trolls are a thorn in the side of people who want to relate their experineces on to other people. :upset
It is satisfying that people see their antics and call them down from time to time. There are a majority of us who can see through their childish pranks and pass times. :p
Thanks for your input. I'm sure it helps some of the posters to these sites. 8)

sorry to the person from Michigan but Ethan is right. I don't troll on here either, I simply state facts and I insult people if I think they deserve it.

if you think that's trolling, you should see some other people on the internet. in my opinion, most of these people deserve it on this site. do I think everyone here is a ***? no.

there's some valid complaints on here and I even comment on those complaints and agree because I know some stores do things wrong.

but that's only like 1 out of every 10 complaints. I'm sorry but I don't see a person complaining about a 3 month return policy being too short and Walmart not accepting an ad from weeks ago as valid omplaints.


Actually the only product of bad parenting are those who throw temper tantrums because they don't get what they want. I bet you are a product of bad reading because I have clearly stated that I am not trolling.I am simply stating the facts that the world does not revolve around these people.

Since your parents did not care about your education you are a product of bad parenting yourself. 90 percent of these complaints are from people who also are a product of bad parenting like yourself because they think the world revolves around them.

Also making a joke about getting raped by catholic priests how mature is that. Than again maybe your post about the catholic priest is a product of bad parenting.


I'm not saying all the OPs are any better, but some have legit complaints and see this forum as a way to express their disappointments. You however are using these forums as your personal playground.

Don't get me wrong, I find your trolling extremely funny as it helps me kill time at work but these old people are still learning how the internet works and probably shouldn't be trolled by a 12 year old. But eh, I'm sure its just a product of bad parenting...


So you think they should be throwing temper tantrums because the companies refuse to bend the rules for them. Then complaining about how incompetient they are when it is them who cannot understand the rules are for a reason.


Jedi Knight Ethan-once is telling them off. By the tenth time its called trolling. And you\'re 12, so what do you really know other than when Glee comes on.


Target's 90 day return policy isn't bad.

Try to return something to Walmart and it is like entering prison.

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