Our 12 year old daughter recieved a Target exclusive Razor Pocket Mod scooter from Santa. The purchase was made in advance.

On Christmas, my daughter and her best friend across the street both recieved the scooters from Santa. As luck would have it, ours was defective.

We called Target; and they stated we could exchange the gift however all of the regional stores were sold out and the item is no longer carried. Because of the advanced purchase exceeding their 90 day return policy, although the gift was only opened and tried one day after Christmas, we are left with a $230 malfunctioning paperweight. One store manager was scrooge himself and arrogant and rude from the very beginning; at least the second store manager, Wendy, was helpful and tried.

We could not even return it for a half price store credit, because the item is half price now since they have decided not to carry the piece of *** scoooter any longer. Avoid Target, they do not stand behind their exclusive products and dont buy Razor scooters, *** poor quality and cusotmer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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If your 12 year old still believes in Santa there is a problem. Then again you mistake being told as rudeness.


So,I just read your reply about Santa. You should not be allowed to have children.

How hard is it to say that the elves must have been tired and made a mistake?? And you can't send it back to get another one becaue they are resting after Christmas?? You were going to tell her that she got a broken one because she is bad?! And you told her the truth about Santa because a toy was broke?

did you ever think that you ruined christmas. when she grows up and thinks about how she found out about santa, she is going to think about her irrational mother telling her


it states right on your receipt that it expires in 90 days. and i used to work at guest service.

there is no way to give you half of your money back or even store credit for anythin over 70 dollars. the manager doesn't even have a way to do it. with the way the computer system is set up, it is virtually impossible. and maybe the manager was rude because he was sick of ignorant people complaining to him about problems that don't pertain to him.

is it his fault that your scooter didn't work?? or that you didn't read the receipt?

most people ask questions about returns and malfunctions if they are purchasing somethin that costs that much. maybe you should be makin a complaint about yourself

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #234023

Another spoiled brat, who claims Christmas was ruined because their gift did not work or because they could not get a gift for their little brat. It scares me how the future generation will turn out.

If parents can't teach their children the true meaning of Christmas it is no wonder we are going to have kids who are so materialistic. Shame on the Op, and "Just Stop" perpaps the person writing this letter is the same person who made the disgusting childish reply.

Unless you are the person who wrote this letter (or the reply)there is no way for you to know it isn't the same person. ALso judging from the childish attitude and childish response they may be the same person, but I don't know.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #234019

I did write this letter and I did make that second reply. So before you go on making false accusations get your facts straight.


@ Dont reply to my letter

You aren't the OP. You file fake complaints and rebuttals all the time.

You aren't difficult to spot. I don't know why you need the attention so badly, but get some help.

Go see a shrink and tell them about your obsessvie need for attention. They can help you.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #231869

To the four losers who replied to my letter.

I expected them to have their merchandise working. I had to tell my daughter that Santa was not real and this totally destroyed her Christmas and my other children's CHristmas because she was bitter and told 11 year old daughter and 8 year old the truth about Santa. FIrst I was considering telling her that Santa gave her a broken gift because she was bad.

Christmas is not about presents you try saying this to an 8, 11 and 12 year old. Also you say it is about spending time with family, well my family's whole christmas was ruined because I had to tell my daughter about Santa. All my children had a horrible Christmas thanks to Target

Next time you purchase something, do your homework on the product first before impulsively purchasing it.

And if anything, be angry at the company who manufactured it. Target only sells it-and if it sucks they will eventually pull it from their shelves.

You ruined Christmas and your child hates you now. Good job.

First off, Christmas is unmaterialistic which means the time is suppose to be spent with family and close friends. Secondly, it is a risk to buy item when the customer knows the item can not be returned after 90 days. You can't blame Target for "ruining" Christmas when you could have purchased the scooter online or in the store around October.


Target didn't ruin your Christmas and if this is all that it took to 'ruin' your christmas, then you need an adjustment in your thinking madame.


You didn\'t save a receipt? Contact the corporate offices.

I\'ve learned that the customers that are the nastiest (and I only wish them a special spot in ***) get what they want when they complain to the corporate offices, even though they were wrong and didn\'t retain the original receipt. You should have also checked with a clerk regarding the return policy if you were buying it longer than their 90 day usual one.

Buyer beware. No excuses.

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