Rude customer service! Like, if you don't like your job, quit! Btw, when buying 4 items, you can use 4 manufacture coupons!

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First Born Triplet

Now if you can give details on how you were treated rudely then perhaps I am wrong about the being told no as rude. However from your review it seems like you were told no that you cannot do something and you mistook that as rudeness and assumed that she does not like her job.

First Born Triplet

I have a strong feeling that this is one of the cases where being told no automatically means rudeness. Many places only allow one coupon per transaction.

Telling someone no does not automatically make a person rude, nor does it mean they don't like their job if they are following store procedures. I just like shoppers who think they know more about policies then employees.

to First Born Triplet #848788

Actually it did say on the coupon one coupon per transaction but the manager in the other store made an acception, this manager said well not in his store, he is just plane rude because I am the customer and the customer is always right, he should be fired. The cashier said the same thing when I asked to speak with manager he did same thing, if they donèt like their job they should quit and give it to someone else my son wanted a job there I asked when they will hire him they said he is not qualified.

I threatened to take legal action if they did not hire him and they said they can hire who they want, guess they have big shot lawyers.

My son is 16 and more qualified than them, I know the resume is perfect because I wrote it myself. Why hire manager and cashier when people like my son would be willing to work and not say no and be rude to customers.

to Anonymous #849030

You are not right if you insist that they bend and change the rules just for you. Also perhaps they are not hiring your son because they are afraid if they discipline him for doing something wrong he will go home crying to mommy and she will cause trouble for them. Your son is 16 not 8 let him go apply for his own job without you always babying him, and you have no lawsuit because they can hire whoever they want as the manager stated, they certainly are not going to hire someone who still needs his mommy behind them every step of the way.

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