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Today 7/14 I went to Target located at Brookhurst St, Garden Grove, normally I will avoid this store because their associates and specially the security man are the most rude of all Target stores I had visited. I wanted to exchange repeats toys my Tot got for his birthday, all the boxes are big so I needed a cart, I parked way far from the entrance (no front row parking) and spotted a cart nearby, when I walked to the cart one of Target associate came at the same time to retrieve it, I called and said 'excuse me, I need the cart please' he just walk by infront of my nose, I repeated 'excuse me' 3 times but he kept walking on, so I run to the front and said 'excuse me can I have one cart please'?

his answer were: 'NO' and kept walking, so I said 'excuse me?' (as in 'why') and he said 'NOT WORKING' .... weird ... he can push the cart and the cart is not locked, so why is not working? ....

at this point I decided to go in the store and get the cart which he yelled at me saying: 'The cart is not working, the 'Wheels too Wobbly' ...... ok ..... but guess where he put the carts he retrieved from the parking lot which he won't give to the customer who needed it? inside the store with all others carts!.

Good thing was the girl who attended my exchange were friendly, security as usual will look at you like you are a thieft and will not help you at all even if he was infront of you and you needed assistance. They gave me a complaint sheet to fill out or told me to call their 1 800 ..... I spent almost 20 minutes waiting to load my complaint to their customer service, but they win this time again, I hung up after 20 minutes as nobody answered my call (this would be my second complaint with this store)

The best target store: Westminster Mall, Westminster and Marketplace at Tustin/Irvine.

The worst of the worst: Brookhurst, Garden Grove their manager Mr. Nam Tran doesn't want to be bothered with complaints and love rude employees specially rude and unfriendly security guard.


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