Target is NOT a reputable company. They do NOT honor their receipts. I bought two computer games from them recently. The games are clearly labeled on their boxes as requiring specifcations that my computer has. These games do not work on my computer, even though my computer exceeds the requirements in several areas. In fact, it turns out that these are not really games at all, as described, but interactive movies, that nevertheless do not work.

I tried to get them to work on my computer and they did not. After troubleshooting a while I took them back two days later. Target refused to honor my receipt and made up some *** story about how it would be a copyright violation if they would honor the contract represented by their receipt and allow me to return the games. The games do not work without their CDs, nor do almost any games made this century, and that is common knowledge. Therefore, I do not buy this story.

I filed a claim against Target through the Better Business Bureau, and they repeated the copyright story there. The people working for the Better Business Bureau must know little if anything about computers, because they actually bought that load of crock. They are now complicit with Target in ripping me off. I will never shop at Target again and would like to do my best to ensure that they never get the chance to steal from anyone else either, which is why I am writing this review.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Previously NARC YOU OUT - I have become aware that some secret little thief has commandeered my screen name and is posting lies on it. From now on 9/2/11, I will no longer post as Narc you out, but will be anonymous, much like the person who stole my screen name and is posting lies under that name. I have to seriously wonder why it was done with such anonimity, could it be Target has more and deeper ties than we were led to believe?


Please know how many people you have helped by listing your problems with Target. They keep getting bad reviews from discontented customers and it will soon cost them their bottom line.

There is no reason for this corporation to profit at our expense. They need to change their practices.

Either they can change or they can go the way of other big businesses who thought they were untouchable. Keep strong and make yourself heard!


Ha! Even my computer doesn't want to (deal with by writing) to you!!!


Seriously Simple Simon,

"It only takes a minute"

(and I do soooo muh good warning folks!)


Hey narc you aren't following the rules:

"Keep the topic of messages relevant to the subject."

I'm just issuing you a warning this time.


Yeah Narc, because your reporting does sooo much good. Find a better hobby than stalking me.


Hey Simon - Another posting?


At least this one is one isn't an obscene ranting, and doesn't need reporting.


Open software is nonrefundable. Never has been, never will be.

There is no excuse for not knowing that in the year 2011. Wal-Mart or any other store would have done the same thing, so if you're going to stop shopping at Target for this policy, don't shop anywhere.


Haha!! Thnx for agreeing with me.

It is a federal law, which I forgot to mention. Some people are just ignorant and think they are smarter than others, but are actually quite ***.


Haha... I agree with "wtf" Target does not make the computer games or whatever you are buying....

a manufacturer makes it.

Returning ANY open computer game, cd, dvd, video game is strictly FORBIDDEN it IS a copyright violation... it is a federal LAW.


Ok ***, target doesn't put the wording or computer specifications on the games and/or interactive movies. So its not their fault if they don't work on your computer.

And use your brain, stores have rules on their return policy for a reason. These policies are in place so people can't rip off companies by copying information from these movies and games then returning the merchandise

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