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Lost prevention beat down a customer inside the store accusing of stealing wich is all bull other wise they would it press charges isn't that weird?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I also was beaten by lp at a Target store. This has been several years ago.

I had a receipt, but the man did not give me time to say anything before attacking me, knocking me to the ground.

The charges were dismissed because they were bogus. I thought my ribs were cracked, but after being checked out at the local ER, I was only badly bruised and shaken up.

The police officer apologized to me and said Target has a history of overly aggressive loss prevention employees.

Sorry that you went through this.

to Anonymous #1150011

PS they also told me that because I indicated that I had a weapon they were rough to protect themselves. I was not shoplifting, had a receipt but charged anyway for claiming i had a weapon on me but I only said that to be let go. I should not be arrested because they did not have any reason to stop me.

Houston, Texas, United States #933701

As the LP officer I would like to make my statement of this incident. The person in question was picked up for shoplifting and was reaching for a knife and was only mishandled in self defense.

This was done to protect herself and other customers from getting hurt. Charges of theft, assault, and concielling a weapon are being held against her. When approached for shoplifting she pulled out a knife from her purse and was restrained, and had the knife taken from her.

She then continued resisting arrest which caused us to react for our safety, her safety, and the customers safety. But yeah the first picture is a failed attempt at using makeup and passing it off as bruising.

to Target Security Orange, California, United States #933962

Oh lol, funny how she forgot to mention the knife. This person is crazy as you can tell when she took a picture of herself with makeup and tried to pass it of as bruising. She keeps crying wolf one day someone is really going to hurt her and no one will believe her.

to Target Security Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #972402

Of course, your version of this story is 100% believable.

Stop stealing and you won't get beat up.

Orange, California, United States #933444

":Do you think I'm going to have time to fake this, no I don't and I'm sure you can see the bumps on my forehead,how can I fake those?"

Those are all makeup jobs.

to KevinRichards Houston, Texas, United States #933703

Those are real bumps, I was the LP that approached her for shoplifting and she pulled out a knife, so she was restrained and pushed to the ground for safety concerns. This was to protect myself, herself and other customers.

She is being charged with assault, resisting arrest, theft and conceiling a weapon. There are witnesses to her pulling out a knife when being arrested for theft. Guess the make up(not the one she stole because that was taken in as evidence) was worth it. Funny think is the items that were stolen were make up.

Makes me wonder if the make up she used to disguise as bruises if it was stolen, and if it was if it was stolen from our store which would really be a kick in the teeth when you look at it. If you notice the forehead bumps some of them were dying down, that is because they are three day bumps and she took this picture after being released from jail.

Orange, California, United States #933443

The truth finally comes out. The shoplifter that they took down was you.

Admit it.

Then you put make up on your face to make it look like loss prevention abused you. However you forgot one thing, we the people on this site are not as foolish as you are and we can clearly see that that is make up all over your face and not bruises.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #922162

The only crime I see here is that terrible trashy eyeshadow.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #924783

Well, some haters don't have nothing to say but critic people since their ugly...


I have a strong feeling that you were the customer and you were stealing. How else would you know if they pressed charges or not against the customer.

Sometimes they do not press charges if it is the first offence.

Also loss prevention does not attack unless you strike first. Guess you "forgot" to mention that part.

to KevinRichards Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #922164

lol it was definitely her. That's what makes this more embarrassing.

to Anonymous #922351

Yeah, and come to think of it that is eye shadow not a bruise.

to KevinRichards Houston, Texas, United States #924782

Do you think I'm going to have time to fake this, no I don't and I'm sure you can see the bumps on my forehead,how can I fake those?

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #924781

I'm not embarrassed, because I didn't do that I'm from a good family and I have enough money to buy what I need fyi, I did press charges on her

to KevinRichards Houston, Texas, United States #924775

That's what I thought, but they didn't press charges or nothing they assumed I did but the problem was that I carry a big Gucci tote and I believe that since I drop the tote for them to check this immature girl got offended and strike on me, I'm a really peaceful person other wise I guess she just was mad at me for not having anything in my tote and I'm the one that press charges against that gorilla with troll hair

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #933445

You have no right calling adult women girls when you behave like a six year old child. How do I know you are not lying.

One one post you lied when you said that I work for Target. You are probably lying about this as well, and obviously the bumps and bruises are a terrible make up job.

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