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I went to tagert today with my mom, o was shopping for infant medaction and they carded my mom. Even though she like 60....

There no sighon the shelf stating you will get carded for buying infant medcation.... Change your store polucay...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Once, when I was in Cheyenne Wyoming, i went to the huge Liquor Superstore to buy some Soda-Pop. I was carded by the lady, and I didn't happen to have any I.D.

on me, so she told me that I couldn't buy them. And I said that I was only buying soda-pop, but she said that you had to be 21 to buy anything in that store.


It is ACTUAL GOVERNMENT LAW, not Target's or any other private store's policy to "card" for the purchase of MANY items due to abuses of product.

If they don't card for sale of MANY things, including drain cleaner, they can be shut down or fined...


Probably but it is those in office you need to write to. Your State and Federal Representatives dictate these requirements.

Vienna, Virginia, United States #1322562

It's not an employee's decision to card someone, it's mandatory. They HAVE to card someone for certain items whether or not they look of age/don't look like meth addicts.

I sincerely hope you aren't persuading your mom to also buy you alcohol because, holy, that spelling.

Houston, Texas, United States #1320375

What the heck is medaction?

What the heck is polucay?

to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1320526

Medcation is probably cough syrup or ear drops. I think she meant police or poultry.


Laws will carry from state to state but certain medications require that they identify people purchasing those medications. In order to process the sale they must scan the ID of the purchaser into their register.

It's all about stoping abuse of certain medications.

In my state the sale of any drug containing Sudafed is controlled. Your ID is entered in a state data base and if you buy too much you'll be suspected of producing Meth.

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