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Check out lines are ridiculous Plenty of registers but no one manning them Store in Watertown MA

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Different associates are assigned with different tasks, stock, floor recovery ect. Some of those associates you saw are probably not register trained and where hired on for some other task.

and if you leave a cart full of merchandise somewhere, guess what? they put it back where it goes.

its not uncommon and doesn't really matter.

Retail associates probably put back hundreds of thousands of merchandise a day, it doesn't effect them.

to Anonymous #1289477

If target can afford to hire all these associates to do the tasks you describe, but let them stand around the cash registers talking to each other, they sure as well have enough money to hire a few more cashiers to take money from people in the store to purchase their products.


Not any different than the Target store in my ares. 22 registers and if you are really lucky 4 will be open.

Plenty of "Team Members" in red standing around bull *** but not willing to take the money I am there to spend.

Don't be afraid to leave a cart full of merchandise for them to put back and shop elsewhere. Yes, you will have lost some time but consumers need to send a message to Target management that they don't want to stand in line while there are plenty of registers to open and people there to do it.

to Anonymous Providence, Utah, United States #1286426

Do you honestly think the people you see standing around are suppose to be on the registers but are "not willing" to? Those people you see standing around are either NOT cashiers or they weren't scheduled by the manager to work on the tills that day.

They are associates that are assigned to work the floor. Filling carts with merchandise and leaving it does not hurt the manager or Corporate (who are the ones who decide how many staff hours the manager has to work with). You are only hurting innocent people who have no say in their schedule or assigned duties.

When you leave carts full of stuff, the only message you are sending is that you are a d-bag. You certainly aren't hurting any of the suits in Corporate.

Houston, Texas, United States #1285736


The way you worded your complaint makes it seem that there are no cashiers on duty at this particular Target location.

So exactly what do you mean because your complaint is confusing to me.

More information is needed to understand your complaint.

So there are long lines at the checkout yet there are no cashiers to check out the customers.

That is the impression I get when I read your complaint.

to Anonymous #1286033

Unless you have the mental capacity of a broken doorknob, you know darn well the OP means there are not many registers open, despite the long lines.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1286401

I can only go by what the OP states, which is... Check out lines are ridiculous Plenty of registers but no one manning them Store in Watertown MA

What the OP wrote is not a coherent sentence.

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