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I am surprised by the tone of the commenters on here. Is it a full time job to make fun of those posting on this site and try to poke holes in their stories?

Or perhaps you work undercover for Target? I understand completely that Target is NOT to blame that I took my eyes off my purse while shopping in their store that night. I learned a valuable lesson and my purse will never be stolen again because I wasn't paying attention. I am, however, deeply disappointed in how Target responded to the problem.

1) Although there is video surveillance, nobody but one person has access to it? And we had to wait 10 hours for that person to be available to help. 2) The only person who has access to the video surveillance waited for more than 20 hours after the incident to follow up in any way with me. He hadn't even bothered to look at the video surveillance.

3) He called me back 30 minutes later to tell me the purse was found and had been at customer service THE WHOLE TIME beginning sometime on the night of the incident. Nobody knew what time it was turned in, where it was found, or how the customer service employee who accepted it was unaware of a reported theft that same night of a matching purse. The police officer had stood with me near the service desk for more than 2 hours. 4) When my husband called to complain to the store manager, he was insulted and hung up on.

I worked at the service desk of a competing department store 20 years ago. Had we had a similar situation, it would have been handled differently. Targets response makes no sense. There are so many things that are confusing.

And why isn't Target willing to view the video surveillance to check to see if a crime was indeed committed?

I still say that my purse was stolen. And it almost seems like Target is covering for the perpetrator.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Fullerton, California, United States #1268251

No one works for Target, thanks for proving your immaturity by claiming this. The reason you have holes in your story you immature one is because you keep changing your story.

In one story you claimed that your purse was stolen from your cart and they never checked the tapes. In another story you claimed that you did not leave the purse on the cart but in the magazine rack and they did not check it until a week later. In a third story you claimed that they checked the tapes 24 hours later. You don't want people pointing out holes in your story don't lie.

Youa lso think that Target owes you $400 to replace your locks since your keys were in the purse and you had to replace the locks, and an extra $100 for "mental anguish" these people are not Target workers, simply customers who does not want Target to raise prices because of scammers like yourself. It is not Target's fault you lost your purse, it is yours.

Grow up.

Houston, Texas, United States #1266457

I have never worked undercover for Target or for any other company.

Why have you not complained to their Corporate Headquarters about this?

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1266293

Ah, but the good thing is that you and your children can use whatever restroom in Target you want along with who knows who. This always makes for a fun time for your little children who can observe close-up someone of the opposite sex using the facilities---and, vice versa. Best to not shop at Target stores.

to h.kitchener Trenton, New Jersey, United States #1267134

H.kitchener, if your using the facilities anywhere I can only assume that you would have to have someone get close up to see anything your for lack of a better word "packing". Hope they brought their magnifying glass and tweasers.

to Anonymous #1527914

Hey, shame on you. H.kitchener says some pretty intelligent things on the Pissed Off Consumer Reviews.

He makes alot of sense and knows what he is talking about. Now You, dollar Joe, are a disgrace to the Pissed Off Consumer reviews always making very vulgar remarks to everyone.

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