When returning some items my daughter had received too many of from her baby shower -- Target

gave me $3.98 for a duplicate blanket.

I paid $10.00 or $15.00 or more for the same thing for the baby item last month. So basically I returned items which probably cost close to $100.00.

Target gave me $52.70 in a gift card and they can now put them back on their shelf and sell them at a higher price. What a scam and a rip off. They give you LESS THAN 50% OF WHAT YOU PAID. I still think it is kind of tacky to ask your friends for a receipt to a gift and I will buy my shower items at BABY'S R' US and skip Target.

They don't even have good sales any more.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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FYI...That's what a GIFT RECEIPT is for! What do you expect a business to do?

They have sales ALL the time! Who's to say that you did not buy the items on sale & now you are trying to return them to get the FULL price? People try this ALL the time!!! Target is not out of line here.

If they gave the full price to everyone that did not have a reciept, they would go UNDER!!! Really, they are being nice to allow you to bring it back at all! They will even look up your credit card if you lost the reciept.

GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!! :cry

Quite honestly, you are lucky they gave you any type of refund since you didn't have receipts.


If any one understands how retail works would also take the time to respond and explain that read the return policy it essentially say that without receipt in 90 days exchange or gift card with they will return what you paid for. if you do not have the receipt Target will only give you credit for what the item is selling for at the time of return so NO profit is being made off of you.

think about i if you ran a company and someone returned an item without a receipt would you want to take the loss if that item was actually bought not at your store. Target has almost as much loss from that happening as the do from theft.

Hitachi, Ibaraki, Japan #28157

I tried to return a Christmas gift last January - it was defective right out of the box. Target customer service would do nothing.

I told them to keep their defective merchandise and contacted their corporate complaints. I got the same "anti-theft, low price" excuse. They are punishing 99.9% of consumers to go after the 0.1%.

Last year, I spent over $2500 at target. So far this year, only $200 (and I give my wife grief every time she ends up shopping there.


Sneads, Florida, United States #25621

It's a shame Target says their return policy is to protect them from theft. That way they can keep the prices low.

So now they are the thieves stealing money from customers.

Looks like they won't feel the lost of customers. Because of the increase in profits from scamming customers that still shop there.

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