I want to target to return some items and they told me I couldn't not didn't no why the items where not open and I had my resit they where unbelievable rude unprofessional and they yelling at me like I stoled something I'm telling my entire family not to go to target any more here in Fredrick md did not no because I used copons that none of their business I'm done with target I will never go there again pluse my entire family

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Melbourne, Florida, United States #973585

I agree, the grammar makes this review hardly intelligible. Also many details are missing such as did you have a receipt.

to MattD78 #975052

Weren't you paying attention? She clearly states she had her resit. Don't you read jibberish?


You really should go back to school and learn how to spell, use proper grammar, capitalize. Names of people, places, and things are always capitalized.

Just because you tell people not to shop there doesn't mean they won't, even if they say they won't. Did it ever occur to you that maybe when a person uses coupons on their purchases, there could be a law saying the store can't take the items back for a cash refund. You don't say if you wanted a cash refund or an exchange.

You might not have "stoled' the items, but I would be willing to bet being you used coupons for the products, therefore, you paid less for those items, you were planning on taking them back and getting the full price back as a refund. That in a way would be the same thing as stealing.

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