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Terrible return policies on some items you wouldn't think They will tell you the policy is on receipt when its not then you ask can you show me they say its on the wall and they cant find it either yes i had a receipt and packaging. Im going to Walmart!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Most stores have the same return policy, so you will most likely have the same issue at Walmart. Sorry to tell you this, but I it is hard to make out what you have written.

Using proper punctuation would be helpful.

Not doing so makes you appear uneducated and one would think you are wrong because you did not comprehend what you read on the receipts. I mean one or two errors is fine, but it is hard to take you seriously when you do not punctuate.

to Bruce007 Newark, New Jersey, United States #1074428

Hey Bruce get a life

to Anonymous Plover, Wisconsin, United States #1074493

I am just stating the truth, if you do not like it than the problem is yours. I have been to Walmart, they are not better. I figure you are either an employee of Walmart trying to promote their company on here, or you do not know how business works.

to Anonymous #1075033

I agree with Bruce, calling people idiots when you cannot compose a proper sentence makes you look foolish.

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