I bought 10 Room Essentials Outdoor Pathway Lights in late summer of 2012. By March of this year 9 were no longer working (producing light after dark).

They seem to be made well and weather outdoor conditions well and are durable, the lighting function just quit. I brought the defective pieces back to Target and was told they would not exchange or refund (I would have accepted a gift card) as the SKU was no long in their system. The SKU is still online at the store and states "not sold online" so one would think it was still at the store.

In the end I received rude service and no satisfaction. All I can say is beware of Target's products and policies.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Yorba Linda, California, United States #689236

And if its Target brand you still need to stop *** crying like a little Bitchass *** sucking *** *** hole piece of *** you are. *** doesn't *** last forever that's a part of gosh *** *** life dude. Grow the *** up and wipe those mother *** tears off your whiny *** little *** *** lookin face

Yorba Linda, California, United States #689233

Your an ***. You can't return *** that's almost a year old ANYWHERE.

If stores returned *** a year later just because it broke they wouldn't make any money. That's the manufacturers fault.

Quit *** crying and go buy some new ones. Its people like you who make retail employees want to blow their brains out or snap, flip out, and cause a scene.


Where will you shop now that will give you a free 1 year warranty on everything you buy? I can't think of a single store that would have taken back those lights.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #663255

Perfect id for me since I am a total hypocrite. I love to troll this site and bash as many people's complaints as I can since I don't have anything better to do since my dad is dead and I can't s..uc,..k his c...oc,...k

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #662440

You should also have made sure to check and see how long the warranty was for the lights. A lot of store online sites aren't always up to date.

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